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Zipcar has proven to be a fantastic solution for an easy and affordable car sharing, but what if you need to provide transport for a friend or family member – or even an employee? Can you add a driver to your Zipcar account, and can other people drive a Zipcar you’ve rented?  

You can add drivers to your Zipcar account by logging into your account on the website, choosing Account Settings, and opting for the People tab. Here you can add a prospective member’s email address for them to be invited, after which they need to follow the application and approval process.

So, what’s the procedure for adding a driver to your existing Zipcar profile, and what requirements are there for them to be approved?  

Can I Add A Driver To My Zipcar Profile?

If you need to add another person to your Zipcar account, you can – provided they meet the requirements for active membership. You, as the primary account holder, can add drivers to your account, or they can request to be added to yours.

 To add someone to your Zipcar profile, they need to meet the following criteria in the United States:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license with photographic identification.
  • You must be at least 21 – or 18 if you are a student at an affiliated Zipcar, or live in New York, Michigan, or Maryland.
  • Your history of incidents and violations may be requested and lead to Zipcar refusing your membership.

How To Add A Driver To My Zipcar Account

Here’s the process to follow if you have an existing Zipcar profile and would like to add drivers to your account:

  1. On the Zipcar site, log in to your account
  2. Under ‘My Account’, click on ‘Account Settings’ and select ‘People’
  3. Under this tab, click on ‘+Add Member’
  4. Type in the email address of the prospective member
  5. Choose the protection coverage option you want
  6. Click on ‘Send Invite’
  7. Notify the person to check their emails and follow the application process

Remember that only the admin of a family or business account can request additional members, and all fees and costs will be for the primary member’s account.

Can I Book A Zipcar For Someone Else?

The rules and regulations of Zipcar rental mean that you can book a Zipcar on someone else’s behalf, provided they are an active member on the Zipcar platform too. If you are the primary holder of the account and have added them as a driver on your profile, you can order the trip and pay for it, and they will be able to collect, drive, and return the car.

However, if you book a trip with the intent of having someone else drive the car who is not a registered member, you are in breach of your contract with Zipcar and can have your membership terminated. Additionally, suppose something were to go wrong, and there are damages and liabilities due to an accident by a non-registered driver. In that case, you, as the primary account holder, will be liable for all costs.

A third scenario also exists whereby you, the primary holder of an account, can allow another registered member with their account to drive the vehicle you have booked – the company does require you to be present during the trip, however. You are not allowed to book a car and will enable them to drive it without you.

Can Someone Else Rent A Zipcar On My Account?

If someone wants to rent a Zipcar using your account, the only legal way is for them to be a passenger in the vehicle you drive. Whether they give you the money for the rental, the entire trip will be processed through your account, and you are the only driver authorized to pilot the vehicle.

Similarly, someone pretending to be you and using your profile to rent vehicles is fraudulent. Any person who wants to drive a Zipcar needs to have an active membership with Zipcar, whether as a profile or account on their own or as an approved driver added to your account. Remember that all costs and fees will be charged to the main account.

Can Two People Share A Zipcar Account?

Technically, you can have a few people sharing a Zipcar account, although there is a primary account holder. A family or business account will allow you, as the main member, to add more people to your profile who will also need to go through the application process. They need to meet the requirements, and their application may be rejected.

There are also select universities in the USA that allow you to register as a driver as part of their program, allowing several students to use the University account. The idea is to provide self-service car-sharing on demand at various campuses. Students often get discounted rates, too.   

How Does Someone Steal A Zipcar I’ve Booked?

Stealing a Zipcar was reportedly much easier in the early days of the company’s launch. In the past, Zipcars could only be unlocked with a special Zipcard, and thieves would claim their cards didn’t work to parking attendants, who would assist by opening the vehicles for them. And, since the Zipcar policy is for the keys to be left in the car, nothing is easier than driving away once inside.

However, more checks and balances are in place to prevent these issues. More modern ways of stealing a Zipcar have come to light, including creating fake profiles, using phony details, and fraudulent credit cards. These profiles would get approved, and then the trips booked – thieves drive away with the vehicles and don’t return them.

However, Zipcar has installed tracking devices in all their vehicles to cut down on these issues. But this isn’t the only way a Zipcar could be considered stolen. If you are a valid member and rent a car but allow a non-approved member to drive it, this could be considered criminal under certain circumstances. You should always adhere to the rules and regulations of Zipcar.

Lastly, a Zipcar taken across the US border into Mexico could also present some problems. With a history of criminals fraudulently renting vehicles and stashing them across borders, you will be required to submit documentation proving the validity of your rental and your identity – and even requiring permission from Zipcar to take it out of state. Be sure to read all the rules and policies when you rent a Zipcar.


You may add drivers to your Zipcar profile if you are the admin or owner of a family or business account with Zipcar. Still, they will need to meet the minimum criteria by holding a valid driver’s license and being at least 21 years old (or 18, depending on their state).

You can add new members on the Zipcar website by logging into your account, and once they are approved, they may drive the vehicles you rent. Remember that non-members cannot drive Zipcars that you have hired.