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Zipcar car sharing has revolutionized the hire car market and provides a cheaper, more convenient option to traditional ones. Driving around in a Zipcar is quick and easy, but there could be an unexpected challenge. Suppose you need to make an urgent trip, and your account is closed; you must know how to reopen it quickly.

Reopening Your Zipcar Account Is Quick And Easy And Can Be Done In 4 Steps:

  1. Firstly, go to the Zipcar website
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Secondly, select the plan you require; there are five different plans.
  4. Lastly, click on the Reactivate My Account button.

1. Go To the Zipcar Website

The first thing to do is to go to the Zipcar website Have your Zipcar details on hand.  

2. Log In to Your Zipcar Account

The second step in reopening your account is to log into your Zipcar account and get things rolling. The process may be tricky if you can't log in or forget your password, but rectifying this is no problem.

Login From Scratch

If you cannot log in to your account at all, you will be required to go to the Zipcar sign-in page and start the process:

  • Reset your Zipcar password
  • Provide the email address assigned to your account.
  • You will receive an email from Zipcar and follow the prompts from there.

Reset Password

If you can sign in but have forgotten your password, there is a different way to log in:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Click on my account.
  • Select the Password card option and click on it.
  • The site directs you to reset your password.
  • Type in a new password with no less than eight digits.
  • The password must contain at least one capital letter and one lowercase letter, as well as a number and unique digit.
  • Confirm your password.
  • Lastly, select update password.

3. Choose Your Plan

Log into your Zipcar account, select My Account and choose the Account Settings option. Choose one of five options. Select the plan to suit your needs. Bear in mind that costs differ between various cities.

The Occasional Driving Plan Is Paid Upfront Annually

The Occasional Driving Plan is ideal if you aren't entirely sure when and where you will be driving. It has an annual up-front fee allowing you to go 180 miles daily. Over and above this mileage, Zipcar charges a rate per mile. With this plan, you must pay an application fee for additional drivers, and your annual fee is higher.

If you cancel this plan before the year ends, you will be refunded pro-rata based on the months remaining in your agreement.

The Monthly Plan Is Paid Monthly With Mileage Limits

The Zipcar Monthly Driving plan does not require a full year's upfront payment; you pay monthly. The mileage restrictions of 180 miles per day apply.

As with the Occasional Plan, you pay monthly for an extra driver, which allows you to remove an additional driver if the need no longer exists.

The primary difference between the Monthly Plan and the Occasional Driving Plan is that, unlike the Occasional Plan, Zipcar will not refund you if you cancel before the end of the month.

Extra Value Plan Has No Daily Mileage Limit

An Extra Value Plan is slightly different from the other two plans. The criteria is a commitment to driving a certain number of miles per month. The plan is more expensive, but there are different value options to select. The more costly choices allow you to roll over unused miles to the next month.

You pay upfront for the month and then on a pay-as-you-go rate for distances over the value option you choose. The benefits of this plan are that there are discounts on the category of cars you choose, so you save in this regard. Driving is also discounted by 10% based on the rates applicable to the area you drive in.

Additional drivers do not cost extra other than a once-off registration fee. Still, the upside is that their mileage gets added to yours to make up the monthly total.

The Business Plan Focuses On Corporate Requirements

This plan is more expensive than personal plans. Businesses pay an application fee and an annual fee, with an additional cost for each driver. This account has a 7 am to 7 pm weekday discounted rate, and you can pay per driver if that is more convenient for you. In certain cities, you have an option to upgrade your transport requirements to delivery trucks and business vehicles, but these cost extra.

The Faculty Plan Has Discounted Rates And Perks

On this plan, you may get a discounted rate if there are several Zipcars at a university. The rates on this plan are cheaper than the Occasional and Monthly Plans. You may get other perks if there are many joiners.

4. Reactivate Account

Once you have logged into your account and selected your plan, the only thing left is clicking on the Reactivate Button; it's that simple. However, if it is inactive for more than 90 days, you must apply again and pay the activation fee to have the account reactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If My Account Has Been Closed?

Perhaps your driver's license expired, or the account is compromised. The problem could also be that you returned a car to the wrong place. It could also be an overdue balance, or perhaps you had an accident in the car. Contact Zipcar directly.

How Do I Open An Account?

To open an account, go to the Zipcar site and select Membership Options; choose the plan that best suits you. Follow the prompts from there. Applications are generally approved or not approved within seconds. If information is required, it takes longer.

What Is Included In my Membership?

Zipcar provides a gas card; there is no charge for fuel. Depending on the membership plan, you get a mileage allowance per day. Also included are free parking and 24-hour road assistance.

How Do I Use My Account?

Download the Zipcar App on your mobile. You will need this to book a car and open the Zipcar. If you are unsure how to do this, visit the Zipcar website.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Log in two your Zipcar account, go to Account Settings and select the Plan option. After that, click on Cancel and Confirm. Zipcar will reimburse you for any credit that remains on your account.

Cancelling can only be done online, not through Zipcar's Android and IOS apps.