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Zipcar car sharing is a cost-effective and easy way to get around without owning and caring for your car. But in today's economy, we always look for extra savings and deals. What is largely unknown is that there are several ways to get Zipcar credit and discounts. We will provide you with all the ways to find the best Zipcar discounts.

How To Get Zipcar Credit And Discounts:

  1. Refer A Friend for $25 Zipcar Credits
  2. Sign Up For Student, Alumni, And Faculty University Discounts
  3. Travel With Zipcar Overnight For Discounted Rates
  4. Sign Up For Extra Value Plans
  5. Find The Best Zipcar Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

1. Refer A Friend For $25 Zipcar Credits

This Zipcar credit opportunity has to be one of the easiest credit offers available. All you will be required to do is refer a friend to Zipcar and have them sign up. Zipcar will then credit your account with $25. And it is a win-win situation as your friend will also get a free $25 credit for being a new member.

The refer a friend process is very simple, there will be referring to a friend tab at the bottom of the Zipcar home page, or you can use the search function on the site to navigate to the correct place. All you need do is enter your name and your email and your friend's name and email into the areas provided.

You can even opt to have Zipcar send your friend an email reminder to help them remember to sign up should they be busy or a bit forgetful.

The best part is that you can refer up to 10 friends, giving you a total of $250 credit if they all sign up.

2. Sign Up For Student, Alumni, And Faculty University Discounts

Zipcar has fully understood the assignment of making travel easy and hassle-free. It offers a great University discount that is open to active students, alumni, and faculty at many participating US campuses. Battling to find parking on campus is something most students, as well as faculty, have experienced at some time or another, but now you don't need to worry, as Zipcar has made life very easy.

All you need is to be sure your university is affiliated with Zipcar, you will need to be an active student, alumni, or faculty member, and lastly, you will need to have a valid and active university email account (.edu).

The University discounts and perks will differ from University to University, so it's best to head to the Zipcar homepage, click on the more tab on the left-hand side and look down the list for Zipcar for Universities. Click on the Zipcar for Universities tab, and it will take you to a page where you can put in a search for your school.

Thereafter follow the prompts, and you will find the Zipcar promo codes and discounts on offer for your university.

3. Travel With Zipcar Overnight For Discounted Rates

Zipcar understands that when there isn't demand, there shouldn't be a fee, and they have a great discounted overnight rate. This rate will apply to trips that start after 6 pm and end before 8.30 am. Otherwise, normal rates will apply.

However, these overnight discounted rates are only available in certain cities and will vary from vehicle to vehicle and location. Bookings must be made after 6 pm and before 8.30 am for the discounted rate to apply.

These discounts are also only limited to Monday through to Thursday nights. If your hourly vehicle use fee is less than the overnight deal, not to worry, Zipcar will always charge you the lesser rate.

4. Sign Up For Extra Value Plans

Zipcar offers extra value plans for its members. As the name extra value plans suggest, these plans come with a lot of extra value. These plans are tailor-made for those who drive a lot and use Zipcar rental vehicles frequently. It's very much something of a Zipcar loyalty offer.

There are currently two extra-value plans offered. The one is the $50 plan that provides you with $50 of driving credit every month. It is important that you note that driving credit does expire monthly, so this plan is worthwhile if you know you will use it.

In addition to the $50 driving credit, you will also receive a 10% discount on your hourly and daily rates, adding up to some good discounts if you are frequently driving.

The other extra value plan is for those who drive a lot with $125 of driving credit offered. These credits will, however, only expire after 3 months giving you sufficient time to enjoy them. As with the $50 plan, you will also receive a 10% discount on your daily and hourly driving rates.

The only downside to this driving credit is that tax fees will not be canceled, and you will still be paying post-tax fees of your reservation with your driving credits.

5. Find The Best Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

Other than discounts and credits that can be found directly from the Zipcar site, several sites out there have partnered with Zipcar and offer various discounts through the use of coupons.

It should be mentioned that many coupons will have limited validity, and their special offers and promotions may only run for limited time periods, so it is best to keep checking the sites weekly to ensure you don't miss out on savings.

Online coupons offer many specials, from $25 Zipcar credit for becoming a new Zipcar member to 80% off your Zipcar Trip to senior discounts on signing up. To be safe, you should check the coupon expiration date to avoid disappointment and ensure that coupons are valid before trying to redeem them.

It is very easy to redeem coupons on the Zipcar rental site. Simply sign in to your Zipcar account, head to, and click on the billing tab. Then find the driving credit tab. Click on add credit and enter your coupon code details and click redeem. Just remember that promotional credits must be used, or they will expire, so keep an eye on the expiry date through your app.

Each site may have different offers, some coupons; some may provide special deals or offers. Always check the site's legitimacy, and if in doubt, contact Zipcar about the validity of your coupon.

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