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Getting a ride as a college student can prove to be a tricky affair, and this is most certainly going to be the case if you do not have your own car or access to one on campus. Sure, you will unlikely need to use a car every day, but there are times when it would be great to have immediate access. And this is where Zipcar car sharing comes in and our wondering how it works for students.

If college students hope to utilize Zipcar facilities, they can, as Zipcar has partnered up with most universities to allow for the use of their student plan. The rates are not drastically cheaper than typical Zipcar fees, but they allow one to drive a Zipcar even if they are only 18.

Great, now we know there is a possible means for college students to use Zipcar and its services. This is a great relief as many may wonder if it is a possible viable option, and it most certainly is. Throughout this post, we will inform you of all you need to know about Zipcar for students, and we shall be sure to be as thorough as possible, so read on.

Zipcar For Students

There was a time when the only potential option for gaining access to a car on a short-term basis was the traditional car rental route. If you, as a student, have ever attempted to rent a car, you will be well aware that they do not look upon students too kindly. It goes so far that if you are under 21, you will not be allowed to hire a car.

Even for those over 21 who are unluckily under 25 (a large portion of students), you will face hefty fees when hiring a vehicle. Thankfully, though, there is a service known as Zipcar, and they are one of the newer private car rental companies. However, they have a different business model, and part of that accommodates students.

So ultimately, Zipcar aims to change the game and nature of car rentals for good, and they are undoubtedly tapping into markets that their competitors are not. They have a different ideology: to make car rentals far more accessible, including incorporating students as their target market.

They are reshaping how car rental works; for instance, traditional car rentals see you paying plenty of extra fees, including gas and insurance. Additionally, unlike traditional rentals, which are hardly flexible at all, Zipcar understands the wants and needs of its customers.

For instance, if you only need a car for a few hours, you will not get that option with traditional rentals; you may only use the car for part of the day, but you will pay for a full day (see renting a Zipcar for multiple days here). Zipcar offers a more flexible approach and enables you to do just that, so you use the car for the length of time you need it, and there are no other hidden costs and fees you need to cover.

Another distinctive aspect of using Zipcar is that it is hassle-free to book your rental. All one needs to do is either download the app onto their cellphone or you can make bookings via the Zipcar website. You will then be able to change your booking according to your needs so that you can rent either hourly or for a full day; it's entirely up to you

How To Join Zipcar As A Student

The student plan for Zipcar is almost identical to the regular plans and prices; however, Zipcar has partnered with various universities to offer plans to students who must be at least 18 years old. This differs from the regular plan, which usually only rents cars to those at least 21.

If your university has partnered up, it is simple enough to join and start renting. To begin, you will need to search for your university at and choose your university from the list. You will be redirected to the sign-up page for your particular university. Just scroll down and click where it says “Join student plan.”

That will then take you to a page regarding the pricing plan to know what to expect price-wise. After that, you will be directed to a page allowing you to create an account. They will require your school email address, your cellphone number, and finally, create a password.

Once complete, Zipcar will request that you answer a few questions to ensure your eligibility. Part of this will include the need to upload a copy of your driver's license, which will help verify that you are at least 18; additionally, Zipcar will check your driving record. The final step is to pay the membership fee. Zipcar will send you your Zipcard in the mail to seal the deal.

Is Zipcar Worth It For College Students?

As with most college students, you are likely looking for ways to shave a few dollars off of what you have to spend. College students learn many tips and tricks throughout their years of study, including finding a reliable yet a cost-effective form of transport.

To begin, the cost of booking and driving a Zipcar will mean that the gas, insurance, and other costs are covered; no additional fees are involved. All that is required of you is that you return the vehicle in the same condition you found it in, and the only payment will be the flat hourly or daily rate.

The price of hiring a Zipcar depends on the city your university is in, so some may find it a bit steeper than others. Still, if you are looking for convenient, hassle-free, no extra frills, and reliable transport that you can book by the hour, then you cannot do much better than Zipcar.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve hopefully covered all the potential content you may have been searching for; however, we know that there are always additional questions that sit at the back of one's mind, even after reading something that has aimed to break down all the potential facets. Therefore we have the following frequently asked questions which you may be wondering.

Are There Student Discounts On Zipcar?

Zipcar offers student discounts and perks at specific universities, including decent hourly and daily rates savings. Otherwise, you can visit BrokeScholar and view their Zipcar coupon codes page, where they post the latest coupons and promo codes. Additionally, Zipcar offers special deals to their followers on their FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages.  

Is It Possible For International Students To Use Zipcar?

It is most certainly possible for international students to use Zipcar, as they do accept international driver's licenses. For more information on their eligibility requirements, click the following link.

Is Zipcar A Cheaper Alternative To Uber?

If you, like most college students, only need to drive somewhere a few times per week for roughly an hour or two, signing up for a Zipcar membership will be your cheapest option, especially over a year. Surprisingly, purchasing a basic car is the next cheapest option.

However, the one thing that stays true for all these hourlong scenarios is that Uber will remain your most expensive option for over a year.

Zipcar will remain your cheapest choice until you pass the 12th hour-long trip for the week (and you would need to do this consistently). If you do this continually for over a year, buying a car would likely be a wiser choice.

Can I Use Two Zipcars At The Same Time?

It is possible to use two Zipcars simultaneously; however, the person driving the other vehicle must be added to your family or business account. To find out how this works, visit the following link.


If you only hope to use a rental car occasionally and are not making hour-long everyday trips, this is a viable option for students. It is offered to you if your university has partnered with Zipcar, and you can effortlessly search to find out. Additionally, do not forget to budget for your Zipcar rides, and then allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of having a car without all the additional costs.