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Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing service. This platform is popular with both private car owners and those looking to rent vehicles. When it comes down to making a booking on Turo, many users are unsure whether or not a hard credit check is done as part of the process. 

Turo never performs a hard credit check when a user makes a booking. Only soft credit inquiries are performed by Turo. This is done by comparing your Auto Insurance Score, which is linked to your credit report, to Turo’s benchmark score. Turo’s soft credit check will not affect your credit score. 

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the credit check performed by Turo when a booking is made. First, we’ll give you an overview regarding the type of credit inquiry performed by Turo. Once we’ve done this, we’ll break down the specifics of Turo’s credit check! 

Does Turo Automatically Run A Hard Inquiry Credit Check Every Time?

When you’re renting a car on Turo, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Of course, this includes a valid driver’s license. However, it also involves a credit check. However, many Turo users are unsure regarding which type of credit check the company performs. 

When it comes down to credit checks, there are two main types. Of course, these are hard and soft credit checks. There is a fundamental difference between these two types of credit checks. Understanding the differences between them is integral to understanding the credit check performed by Turo. 

A hard credit inquiry, which is also known as a hard pull, happens when a company does a check into your credit when finalizing a lending decision. With a hard credit check, you’ll need to approve it. This type of credit check can alter your credit score, possibly lowering it by a few points. 

A soft credit inquiry, however, is usually part of a background check done by a company. This type of credit check will not alter your credit score. Furthermore, soft inquiries will only be visible to you on your personal credit report. 

Now that we’ve considered both types, you’re likely wondering which type of check is done by Turo. If you were worried about Turo’s credit check affecting your credit score, then you’re in luck! When you book a car on Turo, they will only make a soft inquiry into your credit. 

This means that Turo does not automatically run a hard credit check every time a booking is made. These soft inquiries will only be visible to you on your credit score. As mentioned above, your credit score will remain unaffected by Turo’s soft pull. 

In order to make a booking on Turo, you will need to have a user account. You permit Turo to obtain certain information about you for this soft credit check when you sign up. This procedure is in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the United States. 

This soft inquiry forms a part of Turo’s overall requirements for booking a vehicle on their platform. Keep reading as we look at Turo’s specific booking requirements and the details of their soft credit check. 

Turo’s Booking Requirements 

Thus far, we’ve established that Turo does not perform hard credit checks. If you’re wondering what Turo does check, this is what you need to know. These requirements are for renting through Turo in the United States. For those using Turo in the United Kingdom or Canada, these requirements will vary slightly.

#1: Social Security Number 

When making a booking through Turo, you’ll need to provide your social security number. In other regions, alternate means of identity verification may be used. To find more information regarding this, you can visit the link above. 

#2: Auto Insurance Score 

For their soft credit check, Turo checks your Auto Insurance Score. Your relevant AIS score will be compared to their benchmark score. This is ultimately how your credit check is performed by Turo and is a crucial aspect of maintaining your Turo profile. In fact, a low Auto Insurance Score can even result in Turo removing you from their platform. 

#3: Valid Driver’s License 

To make a booking on Turo, you’ll need a valid permanent license. A valid temporary license will also be accepted. Turo users who are under the age of 25 may be asked to provide additional verification to prove they’ve been driving for at least two years.  

A Guide To Turo’s Soft Credit Check

As we discussed earlier, Turo does not perform hard credit checks. Instead, soft inquiries are made by Turo when users make a booking. Turo is able to simplify this process by comparing your Auto Insurance Score to their benchmark score. Ultimately, your Auto Insurance Score constitutes Turo’s soft credit check.

When users make bookings on Turo, the company receives their Auto Insurance Score from TransUnion, which is a well-known credit reporting agency. This agency uses aspects of your credit port when determining your AIS score. In this way, this constitutes a soft credit inquiry that will not influence your credit score. 

Ultimately, the purpose of using an individual’s Auto Insurance Score comes down to the way it assigns levels of insurance risk to people. Given that your AIS score is influenced by your credit report, this is a great way for Turo to simply make a soft credit inquiry when a user makes a booking.  

Turo will automatically notify users when their Auto Insurance Score is too low to make a booking. Essentially, this means that you did not pass Turo’s soft credit check. If you believe this is an error, you’ll be able to dispute your AIS score with TransUnion by following this procedure


When a Turo user books a rental car on the peer-to-peer platform, a credit check is automatically done. However, this is not a hard credit check that will impact your credit score. Instead, Turo performs a soft credit check by comparing your Auto Insurance Score to their benchmark score.