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Turo is a great car sharing platform that allows users to rent cars from peers and commercial hosts. However, many age restrictions apply to Turo users, which includes a Young Driver fee. In an attempt to bypass these restrictions, many users have wondered whether not fake IDs can be used on Turo. 

It is not possible to use a fake ID on Turo. When creating your account, you will need to supply a valid license number. This is used to confirm your identity and age. Without a valid and legal driver’s license, your account will not be approved, and you will not be able to use this service. 

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about using fake IDs on Turo. First, we’ll consider whether or not this is possible. Once we’ve done this, we will explain the reason for this and take a closer look at Turo’s verification process and regulations. 

Do Fake IDs Work With Turo? 

Across the world, fake IDs are used by underage individuals to bypass certain age-related restrictions. For instance, this is a common method used to purchase alcohol by those under the legal age. However, will a fake ID work on Turo? 

To answer this question, we first need to take a look at Turo’s service. Of course, Turo is a car rental platform where users can rent vehicles from peers and commercial hosts. However, in order to rent a vehicle, users will need to verify their accounts. 

This is where proof of identification comes into play. In order to rent a vehicle to you, Turo will need to confirm your identity, as well as other details. So, will a fake ID be able to get a user through this verification? 

The answer to this is no! Turo users will not be able to use a fake ID when verifying their accounts. Of course, this may frustrate certain users trying to use a fake ID on this car rental platform. However, this is better for the safety of users. 

If you were to use a fake ID to rent a car and then get into an accident, you would be facing criminal felony and misdemeanor charges. Luckily, due to Turo’s account verification process, this is not possible. In order to understand exactly why fake IDs cannot be used, we need to consider Turo’s registration process. 

How Does Turo Verify Your Identity? 

Turo requires that you be approved to drive before renting a vehicle. Account verification can be done during Turo’s registration process. You must complete this step before you are able to rent a vehicle from this platform. This process will require you to verify your identity, phone number, email address, and physical address. 

Now, you might be wondering which documents Turo uses to verify these details. Your phone number and email address are used to verify your contact details via codes that are sent to you. However, how is your identity verified? 

Turo does not use your ID to verify your identity. This is the main reason a fake ID cannot be used on Turo. Instead, your valid driver’s license is the main form of identification used. Of course, your full name and age are also linked to this. 

When verifying an account on Turo, a user will need to submit a valid license number. When an invalid number is submitted, the account will not be verified and will instead be placed on hold. Firstly, this means that a fake driver’s license cannot be used to verify an account. 

However, users will not be able to solve this issue on their own. When an invalid license number is provided, the user will need to contact customer service to resolve the issue. Only once the account has been verified with a legal license number will the user be allowed to rent a car on the platform. 

Why Do Turo Users Attempt Using Fake IDs?

Ultimately, the reason Turo users attempt to use fake IDs comes down to this platform’s rules and regulations. Of course, these age restrictions will vary between different regions. As we’ve established, it is not possible to use a fake ID when verifying your Turo account. 

Due to this, all Turo users are subject to the same age-related restrictions. Therefore, users must understand these restrictions. Read on as we briefly recap these restrictions in the different regions where Turo operates! 

United States

Turo hosts in the United States must be 18 years old or older to rent a vehicle. A $50/day Young Driver fee will apply to peer-to-peer bookings made by users aged 18 to 20. A fee of $30/day will be charged for Turo users aged 21 to 25. American users must be 21 years or older in order to book from a commercial host on Turo. 


To book with any host on Turo in Canada, you must be at least 23 years old. A user must be at least 25 years old in order to rent a Deluxe Class vehicle. Canadian Turo users must be at least 30 years old to book a specialty car. There are no Young Driver fees in Canada as the age limit is strictly enforced. 

United Kingdom

Turo users in the United Kingdom must be at least 21 years old to book a vehicle from any host. For British Turo users under the age of 25, only vehicles classed as Group 1 to 16 are available. Turo drivers under the age of 25 must pay a Young Driver fee of £25/day.


Turo is a great car rental platform that allows users to rent vehicles from a variety of hosts. However, there are many age restrictions that are enforced by Turo in different regions. Due to this, many Turo users have wondered whether or not it’s possible to use a fake ID on the platform.

It is not possible to use a fake ID on Turo. Without a valid driver’s license, users will not be able to verify their accounts. Without completing the account verification process, users will not be able to book a vehicle on this platform.