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Taking a trip can involve a lot of planning, and without a doubt, it will involve a lot of traveling. Thus, various modes of transportation have to be considered. So why do many travelers opt to rent a car more so than use anything else? Let's find out.

14 Reasons Why Travelers Rent Cars:

  1. It's easy to rent a car
  2. It's affordable to rent a car
  3. Renting a car will save time
  4. Renting a car offers privacy
  5. Renting a car offers flexibility
  6. Renting a car can save a group money
  7. Any car can be rented
  8. And More …

1. It's Easy To Rent A Car

In previous years it was a hassle to rent a car. When planning a trip or arriving at a destination, the search would begin to find a car rental agency. Once a suitable agency that offered a vehicle that suited your trip was found, many forms would be filled out and paperwork to sign.

Nowadays, renting a car is simple and easy with online bookings and mobile rental apps. Finding and renting a car can be done in a matter of minutes with easy and accelerated signup processes.

Moreover, you also have the option to choose to rent from traditional rental agencies like Alamo, Empire, Hertz, etc., or the option to choose from many car sharing or peer-to-peer sharing services like Zipcar and Turo, all of which make it simple and easy to book and rent a car.

2. It's Affordable To Rent A Car

Not only is it easy to rent it is also affordable. More companies and apps are fighting for your business, and the competition is fierce, with many offering deals, discounts, rewards points, and more. This means you can rent cars for as little as $25 a day on apps like Turo or get rewards points enabling you to ride for free when you've accumulated enough.

The great thing about this is that renting a car can now save you money that you can spend on your trip.

3. Renting A Car Will Save Time

When traveling, there is usually an itinerary to follow and a schedule to keep. This can be anything from having to get to a business meeting on time or reaching a family-planned destination.

Taking public transport can be a hassle and in most instances will probably waste a lot of your time. Instead of catching several modes of public transportation, renting a car, turning on the GPS, and driving will get you there as quickly as possible.

4. Renting A Car Offers Privacy

It's great to stay at a backpacker's and meet people on a journey going to the same destination you are, but some people prefer their privacy. Renting a car offers you that ability. You can spread out, listen to your favorite music with the speakers blaring, stretch your legs and not worry about if you are offending anyone.

Conversely, it also offers solitude and a place to think. If you are on a trip because of business and need some quiet time to go over meeting points or a business proposal, it will be easier to do so in the confines of a rented car rather than a public bus or subway. 

5. Renting A Car Offers Flexibility

One of the best features that a rented car offers to travelers has nothing to do with the actual car but rather the flexibility it provides on a journey.

You can change your mind instantly and decide to take a different, more scenic route or change your destination. It's easy to do so if you have rented a car. The option to fly off on a whim and go where the road takes you to explore some unknown destination just can't be done with public transportation.

Not to worry if you think you will get lost, many car rentals typically come with onboard GPS, which makes a plan like this even more viable, and if the car doesn't have one, then your smartphone is a great substitute.

6. Renting A Car Can Save A Group Money

We touched on the fact that renting a car is cheap and it is even more so if traveling in a group. The group can carpool and essentially split the rental fee amongst them. The only consideration that has to be taken into account is to rent a car with enough space for the passengers and luggage.

7. Any Car Can Be Rented

Another great element to consider is that when traveling, you can rent almost any car (as long as you are willing to pay). This has many benefits like test driving a car you want to purchase (and had your eye on), looking at how it performs, how comfortable it is, and more.

Or perhaps you just want to rent something flashy while you vacation at the beach. Renting a car gives you this type of freedom, and anything from a simple hatchback, to a family sedan, 4X4, and sports car can be rented.

8. New Cars (Ones In Good Condition) Can Be Rented

Renting a car typically means that it will be somewhat new and in good condition. This means you can go on their trip knowing that it most probably has recently been serviced and most likely won't break down.

There's nothing worse than taking your old car on the road and putting it through a long strenuous journey that it perhaps can't handle.

9. Rented Cars Can Offer Better Safety

Adding to the fact that you have the ability to rent a newer (more modern) car, it also means that they will most probably be safer.

Besides the fact that renting a car from a rental agency guarantees it will be roadworthy, modern cars come with added safety features like airbags, impact attenuators, traction control, antilock brakes, and telematics, just to name a few.

This means that no matter where your journey takes you, you can rest assured that you are as safe as you can be if anything should happen.

10. Cars Can Be Rented For A Particular Terrain

When traveling, you can choose pretty much any car you wish (as stated), which comes in particularly handy if your trip and the roads you are traveling on require a specific vehicle. For example, renting a 4X4 instead of taking your family sedan would be preferable if a trip takes you off-road and through the mountains.

Conversely, taking a vacation to the beach and staying at a sunny resort would perhaps put you in the mood to rent a convertible and soak in the sea breeze on your drives.

11. Rented Cars Can Come With Added Amenities

Renting a car means you can opt for extra features to make your trip more comfortable. Long journeys are tiring, and opting for a car with heated seats in the winter or one with an infotainment system allowing you to stream videos, music, or even audiobooks from apps can make the trip much more bearable and pleasant.

Some even come with Bluetooth, toll passes, dash cams, traffic warning systems, GPS, and more.

12. There Is Extra Space For Luggage

There is no need to worry about how much luggage you can take with you if you decide to travel and rent a car because you can rent one with enough room.

This is great if you have a large family or group of friends and you plan to go on an extended trip that can last for days or even weeks.

13. It's Convenient When Traveling Internationally

We touched on some benefits of renting a car for travel, such as it saves you time and is better than public transportation. When traveling internationally, these benefits are compounded, especially when you are traveling to a destination for the first time.  

Renting a car means you don't have to worry about any language barrier you may find using public transportation. You can also opt for pickup and drop-off services at specific locations using rental agencies or use a GPS if you plan to drive yourself.

14. Rented Cars Come With Assistance

Most established and reputable rental agencies and companies will offer extra assistance when renting from them. Everything from customer support to maintenance and roadside assistance is available. Many of them will also sort out extra liability insurance for you.

As such, you don't have to worry about breaking down, getting lost, or getting into an accident because you are in good hands.