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Turo car sharing can be a lucrative opportunity, although renting out your vehicle to strangers carries significant risk. The reality is that some renters do not return cars, and some vehicles get stolen.  So, what happens when a car gets stolen by a Turo renter?

A stolen Turo vehicle should be reported To Turo immediately. Turo will advise the host to go to their local police station to file a stolen vehicle report. A stolen vehicle may be found immediately, within a week or 30 days. When it is found, it can be collected at the police station impound. 

Having your vehicle stolen can be frightening, thus knowing which steps to take can make a significant difference in helping the authorities retrieve your vehicle. 

What Happens When A Car Gets Stolen By A Turo Renter

If you’ve ever had something of yours stolen, you are undoubtedly familiar with the unsettling feeling of dread and uncertainty. The truth is, this is especially true when your vehicle is involved, and it can become a reality when you rent your car to strangers on Turo. 

If your renter is avoiding you, and it’s past the due date to have your vehicle returned, it may be that they have no intention of returning your car, so it’s maybe time to take action to retrieve your vehicle.  

You need to email Turo and update them on your current situation, ensuring to include as much information as possible about your vehicle, the renter, and the agreement between the two of you. If you have a tracker in your car, call your manufacturer so that they can track the vehicle’s location and assist you in finding it.

Then, head over to your closest local police station and file a stolen vehicle report; the quicker you file the report, the better your chances of retrieving your car. A few minutes after filing the report, you should receive a vehicle I.D. number to process any future claims relating to your stolen car. 

Sometimes, your car manufacturer will have you obtain a vehicle I.D. number via a police station before assisting with your stolen vehicle request. Although it could take a week, it generally takes around ten minutes to find a vehicle via a tracker. In extreme cases, police state that it can take 30 days to return a stolen car. 

Once the police the stolen vehicle, it will cost a fee to take it out of the impound lot. Afterward, it would be wise to take it to a body shop to assess it for damages. 

How Often Are Cars Stolen On Turo?

Turo spokesman Steve Webb stated that significant claims accounted for less than 0.1 percent of all journeys on the platform and that thefts were “very unusual.” After going through our claims procedure,” he continued, “owners are much more inclined to list extra vehicles.”

Some Turo hosts reported their experience with stolen vehicles, and they stated that they had renters who booked their car but never returned it. The hosts then mailed a demand letter to the address on file and the legal term and filed a stolen vehicle report with Turo’s help. 

They admitted that the vehicle might be recovered immediately, or it’s possible to wait a month, while on rare occasions, they did not have it returned. If all the procedures are correctly followed, then Turo will reimburse you for the stolen vehicle. 

Some renters booked a vehicle returned it but kept the key. They then returned the next day and stole the car. In this specific case, the vehicle was driven to Mexico but was seized by the Mexican authorities. After dealings with the consulate and Turo, the car was returned to the U.S. and the owner. 

Some hosts had a renter arrange to use their vehicle,  but the renter came earlier than the appointed time, gained illegal access to the car, and stole it. Thankfully the host accessed the GPS and remote-disabled the vehicle and later picked it up. 

Renters may threaten not to return the vehicle, in which case being able to remote-disable the car is a great help. You’ll be able to prevent it from moving and pick it up. Sometimes the vehicle may be unattended, while other times, the renters may still be inside the cars.  

How To Reduce The Risk Of Car Theft On Turo?

One of the safest alternatives to keeping your vehicle safe on Turo is to avoid renting it out to anyone. Turo does have their verification process, but it is much more valuable to conduct your checks to ensure that the renter will look after your vehicle. 

It is highly recommended to install a tracker in your vehicle so that you can track it at all times. Ask the renter for their driver’s license before handing over your car so that you can double-check their details; you may even ask for proof of their trip via an airline ticket – look at their reviews and do a thorough inspection to be sure. 

A long history of good reviews is a much safer bet than someone with little to no reviews. If you notice anything odd about a renter and you’re skeptical, don’t rent your car to them. However, there is no need to be paranoid, either; follow through with due diligence. 

Never let a renter drive the car outside of the Turo window – that coverage is vital and the only thing that protects you, and it’s not worth the risk (no matter what kind of cash the renter offers you). Because your insurance does not cover business usage, you expose yourself to a significant amount of risk.

Document the car carefully and inspect it when you get it back – I’ve submitted claims for auto damage perhaps four times, but there have been a few times when I didn’t see the damage until it was too late.

Turo hides the support number by stating it’s exclusively for emergencies. Still, you may contact them for anything you need a rapid answer for, such as last-minute extensions from renters or permission to release the car if the renter arrives early. If the automobile isn’t returned, please call!

Do Turo Cars Have Trackers?

Turo allows you to add tracking and other equipment (how about cameras?) to your cars . Keep in mind that any protection plan offered by Turo does not cover aftermarket equipment. Devices that are permitted include, but are not limited to:

  • GPS Trackers
  • Telematics 
  • Lojack or disabling technology
  • Dashboard cameras are permitted for exterior only (dashcams) 
  • Cameras that observe the car’s exterior (not interior)


It can be a shock when your vehicle is stolen, but it can happen, and you must stay calm so that you can reason and contact Turo and the police and provide precise details.