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Turo car sharing can be beneficial for the host and the renter, and keeping these vehicles well looked after can be a concern. Turo hosts may consider installing a camera in the car for security reasons, but renters may consider it a privacy issue. So, do Turo cars have cameras?

Turo cars can have cameras or dashcams, but it is at the host’s discretion, and they need to make it clear to renters in the “Car Description” field before a renting agreement is made. It is against U.S. law to capture a video of someone without their consent; there will be legal consequences.

Whether you are the host or the renter, knowing where you stand regarding Turo and U.S. law can help cover you and make you aware of any pitfalls. 

Do Turo Cars Have Cameras?

With vehicle theft being a reality, it’s understandable that you’d want to do your utmost to ensure your vehicle is protected and that you and your finances are not at any legal risk. As such, whether a Turo car has cameras not or is entirely up to the discretion of the vehicle owner. 

Turo allows you to add tracking and other equipment to your vehicles. Keep in mind that any protection plan offered by Turo does not cover aftermarket equipment. Devices that are permitted include, but are not limited to:

  • GPS
  • Telematics
  • Lojack or disabling technology
  • Dashboard cameras (dashcams)
  • Cameras with a view to the exterior of the car

However, Turo requires that if you have a dashcam and want to use it during a ride, you must obtain explicit, written authorization from your visitor via Turo’s messaging system.  They may suspend your account if you don’t reveal the dashcam and utilize the camera without a guest’s express agreement. 

If you’re a host in the United Kingdom and your vehicle has a device that collects driving data, you must disclose that information in your vehicle’s “Car Description” field. 

It’s especially true if you’re recording vehicle performance, location, driving behavior, or record your guest’s image. If you do not reveal these devices, Turo may take action against you, including canceling your account, at our sole discretion.

Should Turo Cars Have Cameras?

Car break-ins may happen anywhere, and having the added safety of a concealed car camera can give video proof in the case of a crime, whether you’re an Uber or Lyft driver (Is it safe to be a female lyft driver?) . Many of these cameras are relatively inexpensive and provide a lot of security. 

Having one of these concealed vehicle cameras filming in your car, whether you’re in it or not, is a fantastic idea. Motion detection activates many covert automobile cameras. 

The camera will start and begin recording when something or someone passes in front of it. What makes these cameras unique is that they will not provide any sign that they are recording – no lights will turn on, and it’s hushed – so criminals will not be alerted.

However, you must inform the renters and clarify that you have these devices in the Turo vehicle, why they are there, and if you intend to use them. Ensure that you have explicit written consent between the host and renter, or you may face serious legal charges and have your Turo account suspended

Can You Hide Camera In Turo Cars?

Rental car businesses do not have cameras placed in their vehicles. According to U.S. law, it is illegal to capture video of someone without their consent. They do, however, have access to the data stored in the car’s computers, which may be used in court if the vehicle is misused. 

Many automobiles also contain GPS tracking devices for the off-chance they are stolen or need to be recovered for whatever reason. 

Can Turo Cars Spy On Renters?

With advanced technology, storing so much of our information, asking “what exactly is being captured” is a very valid question. The majority of rental automobiles come with navigation and GPS systems. Is it true that they are utilized against drivers? In a nutshell, yes and no.

There have been stories of customers being fined hundreds of dollars for violating the terms of service of their contracts. These involved exceeding speed limits and being charged exorbitant prices for mileage due to cross borderlines. In other cases, engines are shut off for cars that cross state lines and can only be restarted upon paying fees.

In reality, as long as the actions are disclosed, they are lawful. However, the disclosure must be loud and in the face of the tenant. Many courts may not accept fine print footnotes hidden in a multi-page contract.

What Are Alternatives To Cameras In Turo Cars? 

A tracker is a little device that plugs into the USB area around your steering wheel and gives you the ability to see where your vehicle is at all times. 

Turo cars specifically enable you to monitor how many miles have been put on the car, the gas levels, the maximum speed traveled, or any hard stopping or braking. In addition, some trackers even give you the power to prevent the car from starting by disabling it via the tracking device. 

The features offered by a tracker are endless! It is especially useful in the Turo business for renters who return the vehicle late, renters who don’t want to return the vehicle at all, or when the vehicle is stolen. 

However, some Turo hosts who don’t have trackers state that the cost of having trackers installed and constantly running is not worth the investment. If you have lower-tier vehicles that aren’t worth a lot of money, the trackers’ cost quickly adds up, to the point where you could have purchased a new vehicle.

However, many expensive vehicles like Mercedes, Porsches, or Corvettes may want to consider a tracker because their risk is significantly higher than someone who owns lower-tier vehicles. 


Remember that if Turo cars have cameras, they must be revealed to any renters beforehand, as required by U.S. law.