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Turo is a revolutionary car sharing platform that allows for peer-to-peer rentals. However, you need to have a valid account that adheres to Turo’s terms and conditions to use this platform. When these requirements are not met, Turo could restrict your account. Many Turo users have wondered about the possible reasons Turo will suspend an account. 

Engaging in prohibited activities that violate Turo’s policies can result in a restricted account. This includes providing incorrect user details, such as a license number. Accounts can be restricted when users violate local laws, infringe on Turo’s brand or terms, and fail to honor commitments.

In this article, we’ll explain the possible reasons Turo will restrict your account. From incorrect account details to violating their terms of service, this is what users need to know about being suspended on this car rental platform. We’ll also explain what users can do when their Turo account is restricted! 

Why Did Turo Restrict My Account?

There are specific reasons Turo will restrict a user’s account. To prevent this and keep using this car rental platform, users will need to understand these reasons and Turo’s terms of service. For users that have already been restricted on Turo, this list can help determine the reason behind this. 

9 Reasons Turo Will Restrict Your Account

#1: You Provided An Incorrect License Number 

When signing up for Turo, you need to provide a valid driver’s license number. Without this, your Turo account cannot be properly authenticated. When an incorrect license number is provided, Turo places a hold on a user’s account. 

Once a valid license has been provided, the user will be able to resume using this rental platform. Unfortunately, users will not be able to alter their license numbers themselves. Instead, they’ll need to speak to a Turo customer support agent to resolve this issue and activate their account.

#2: Your Details Are Linked To Another Turo Account 

Another possible reason for a restricted Turo account is due to details that are currently in use on another account. This error could be your driver’s license, phone number, or email address presently being used by another account registered on the platform. 

This could also be the result of a user who has registered multiple Turo accounts. When this is the case, Turo users should first double-check their details. For help in resolving this issue, users can contact Turo’s support agents to verify their identity and contact details. 

#3: You Provided False Information 

Providing false information is another possible reason for a restricted Turo account. For instance, supplying Turo with incorrect insurance information or lying about a claim can get your account placed on hold. Impersonating another individual or creating a Turo account for any person besides yourself can also get your Turo account restricted. 

#4: You Violated Laws

When Turo hosts list their vehicles on the platform, they need to ensure that the car is compliant with all local laws. Similarly, Turo users – both hosts and renters – need to ensure that they follow all local rules. Failure to do this can result in a Turo account that has been restricted. 

These laws include all local, state, regional, and national laws. This also included airport and tax regulations. Due to this, violating any laws can result in the suspension of any Turo account, whether you are a host or a renter. 

#5: You Infringed On Turo’s Brand 

ITouse Turo’s platform, you must adhere to their brand conditions. While Turo allows you to run a rental business through its platform, users are not authorized to use Turo’s brand in trademarks, trade names, or domain names. Unauthorized use of Turo’s brand can result in the restriction of your account. 

#6: You Failed To Honor Commitments 

When signing up for Turo, you agree to honor your commitments, whether this is as a guest or host. When users fail to honor these commitments, they may find their account is now restricted. This includes the failure to pay any fees or penalties that are owed to Turo or another user on the platform. 

Failure to deliver or return the vehicle, either as a guest or a host, can result in a suspended account. Leaving a rental vehicle unlocked or running with the keys still inside is also grounds for restriction. Transferring your account details or user ID to another party with Turo’s express consent can also get your account restricted. 

#7: You Harmed Or Threatened Turo Community Members

Harassing, stalking, or defaming any other Turo user can get your account restricted. This includes engaging in any abusive or threatening conduct, regardless of whether this is done physically or verbally. Discrimination against other users based on their race, gender, sexuality, or religion can also result in the suspension of a Turo account. 

#8: You Used Turo’s Services For Unrelated Purposes 

Using Turo’s services for unrelated purposes can result in the suspension of a user’s account. This includes contacting another user for any purpose other than discussing a booking, vehicle, or listing. Collecting details of other Turo users is also strictly prohibited by their terms of service. 

#9: You Interfered With Turo’s Operation

Interfering with Turo’s operation or services can get your account restricted. This reason includes interfering with another user’s listings and using their services to distribute unsolicited messages or spam. 

This interference also includes tampering with Turo’s systems or servers and distributing viruses or harmful technology through this platform. Any tampering with Turo’s software or services will result in the suspension of the user’s account. 

Dealing With A Restricted Turo Account 

If your Turo account has been restricted, it’s likely due to one of the above reasons. However, you might be wondering about how to deal with this situation. Restricted users will need to contact Turo’s support center for further information. 

To do this, you can visit Turo’s official support page. There, you’ll be able to receive help from a representative. On the support page, you’ll be guided through the simple process! On Turo’s support page, you will first need to select whether you’re a “Guest” or “Host” before you’re able to proceed.


When any Turo host or guest engages in an activity prohibited by the current terms of service, their account may be restricted by Turo. This article detailed all the possible reasons for a restricted account on this peer-to-peer rental platform.