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Turo is a popular car sharing platform that allows users to rent a variety of different vehicles. However, before users can book their first vehicle on this platform, Turo must verify their account. Users have wondered whether or not Turo checks for warrants as part of this process. Let’s find out!

As part of their verification and screening process, Turo does not check for active warrants. However, law enforcement officials can contact Turo for more information regarding a user or host. In the event of this, there needs to be a legal basis. Turo never initiates a background check. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at whether or not Turo checks for warrants. In order to fully address this question, we’ll need to consider Turo’s verification and screening process. In addition to this, Turo’s terms of service will shed more light on this matter. 

Does Turo Check For Warrants?

There’s much to love about Turo’s car rental platform, which allows for peer-to-peer rentals. However, for users to begin using the platform, they’ll need to verify their account on Turo. Certain users have wondered whether or not Turo will check for active warrants. 

Unfortunately, the answer to this isn’t completely straightforward. Generally speaking, Turo will not check for warrants. However, in certain cases, a background check may be done at Turo’s discretion. In order to correctly answer this question, two aspects need to be considered. 

Firstly, we need to consider how Turo verifies its users. This is a precise process that needs to be completed before users will be able to make their first Turo booking. There is also certain legal documentation required to verify the identity of Turo users. 

However, it’s also crucial to consider Turo’s Terms of Service. Here, they will provide a more detailed explanation of their verification process. It will also shed more light on possible background checks performed by Turo. Let’s take a look! 

How Does Turo Verify Your Account? 

In order to understand why Turo doesn’t perform warrant checks, you need to understand the verification process. Essentially, this is how Turo checks your identity. There are also aspects of this process that determine whether or not you’ll be able to rent a vehicle on this rental platform.

There are two aspects to this verification process. Firstly, there are the details you are required to submit to Turo. Secondly, there are the details that Turo will verify about you using your submitted information. Let’s take a closer look at this process!

Before you’re able to book your first trip, you’ll need to verify your account with a few steps. This includes validating your contact details using codes sent to your number and email address. For Turo to verify your identity and eligibility to drive, the company also requires a valid license number and your social security number. 

When an invalid driver’s license number is provided, your account will be placed on hold. The only way to correct this is through contacting Turo’s customer support. However, when this is successful, Turo will perform a soft credit check (not a hard credit check).

Of course, a soft credit check is one that will not affect your credit score. Furthermore, it will only be visible to you on your credit report. As part of this soft credit check, Turo checks your Auto Insurance Score (AIS). 

TransUnion provides Turo with users' Auto Insurance Scores when they verify their account. Of course, TransUnion is a well-known and accredited credit reporting agency. Your AIS score is determined by certain aspects of your credit report. 

Furthermore, your relevant score will determine whether or not you can rent a car on Turo. When you verify your account in order to make your first booking, Turo will compare your AIS score to their benchmark score. When your score is lower than their benchmark, you will not be able to use the platform. 

As far as Turo’s verification process goes, these are the only forms of checks done. This means that Turo does not check for warrants when a user makes a booking on their platform. For a more detailed explanation of this, let’s consider Turo’s terms of service. 

Why Turo Doesn’t Perform Background Checks 

As we established in the above section, Turo does not typically check for warrants. Ultimately, this does not form part of Turo’s verification process. In addition to validating the licenses of its users, Turo uses Auto Insurance Scores to approve users for their platform. 

In their terms of service, Turo once again states that they verify details using a valid driver’s license. Turo also confirms that they do not commit to a specific screening process. Ultimately, Turo will not check for warrants when you book through their platform. In fact, they won’t verify these details for hosts, either. 

Ultimately, Turo retains the power to use third-party services to verify the information provided by you. However, this does not require you to disclose any active warrants, which means it will not be verified. However, it is possible for law enforcement officials to contact Turo in the event of an active warrant. 

If law enforcement officials have reason to believe you’re using Turo’s service while there’s an active warrant against your name, they can contact the platform for more information. This is outlined in their support section

Ultimately, for a law enforcement officer to initiate this, they will need to contact Turo. They will need to provide a legal basis for their inquiry and specific details. Despite this, Turo will never initiate this background check into active warrants. 


In order to make a booking on Turo, users will need to verify their account. This requires them to submit certain information, which Turo uses to approve them. However, a check for active warrants does not form part of Turo’s screening process. However, with a valid legal basis, law enforcement officials have the power to contact Turo for information regarding a user or host.