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Turo is a popular platform that allows vehicle owners to rent out their vehicles. In this way, private car owners are able to start a business by using Turo’s car sharing platform. If you’re considering this, you might be wondering whether or not a Turo business is a good one to start. 

For those who meet the Turo requirements, this could be the perfect platform to start a business. The drawbacks to this are geographical limitations, Turo’s exclusivity policy, and the lack of control. However, for those who want to turn their vehicle into a passive income, Turo could be perfect. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at whether or not you should start a Turo-based business. In order to determine this, we’ll first need to look at the process of creating a Turo business. By doing this, certain benefits and limitations will become apparent. By weighing these factors, you’ll be able to decide whether this is the right business for you!

Is Turo A Good Business To Start?

Turo is a highly popular platform that allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles. This is all down through the robust Turo platform, where vehicle owners can list their cars and consumers can rent them. 

More and more people today are listing their vehicles on Turo. This allows them to start their own business or side hustle through this established platform. With this platform, users will be able to downscale or upscale their business as needed! 

However, it’s always important to consider whether it’s the right business for you to start. To determine this, we first need to consider the requirements set forth by Turo for those who wish to create their own rental service through their platform. 

The Requirements For Starting A Turo Business 

In order to determine whether or not Turo is the right business for you to start, it’s essential first to consider the various requirements of creating this business. By considering these requirements, certain advantages and disadvantages will arise. 

Depending on how you value these different pros and cons, you’ll then be able to determine whether or not Turo is a viable business opportunity for you! These are six significant requirements that need to be met when joining Turo. 

#1: Creating Your Turo Account 

Firstly, to start a business based on Turo’s platform, you’ll actually need to register on their official website. This is the first step towards beginning a Turo-based business. However, whether or not you’ll actually be able to register for Turo depends on the following requirement we’ll be discussing. 

#2: Ensuring Geographic Compatibility With Turo 

To start a business on Turo, you’ll need to confirm your geographic compatibility with the service. If you’re located in America, this won’t be an issue at all. However, for those living in other regions, they will need to determine whether or not they’ll be allowed to join. To view the list of countries supported by Turo, you can visit Turo’s official website

#3: Listing Eligible Vehicles On Turo 

The following requirement is listing eligible vehicles on Turo. Of course, this is the main asset that will be used to ‘conduct’ your business. This means the cars you use will need to be registered in your name. Alternatively, you’ll need express permission from the owner of the vehicle if you plan to use it on Turo. 

#4: Ensuring Vehicles Meets Legal Requirements 

When registering vehicles on Turo, you’ll also need to ensure that all vehicles meet the legal requirements. Of course, your local requirements will ultimately depend on your specific geographical location and the relevant laws. For more information about these legal requirements, you can visit this link

#5: Maintaining Your Turo Vehicles 

Finally, in order to remain eligible for Turo’s service, you’ll need to ensure that your vehicles are maintained. Of course, when starting a business based on the rental of your cars, this is a crucial requirement to consider. 

#6: Adhering To Turo Policies 

Finally, to start a Turo business, you’ll need to agree and adhere to all policies that are set forward by Turo. This means that you’ll need to agree to Turo’s strict exclusivity policy, which prohibits users from listing their vehicles on other services. 

The Disadvantages Of Starting A Turo Business 

Before we consider the advantages of starting a Turo-based business, let’s consider the possible drawbacks of this platform. 

#1: It’s Only Available In Certain Regions 

One of the downsides of starting a Turo business is the geographical availability of the service. The service is only available in certain countries, making this business opportunity less accessible to certain people. 

#2: You’re Don’t Fully Control Your Business 

The major disadvantage of starting a Turo business is that you’re not fully in control of your business. This is because you will need to adhere to all policies set out by Turo. Of course, this means adhering to the exclusivity policy and any new policies they may introduce in the future. This lack of control is an important consideration to make by those who want to start a business on Turo

The Advantages Of Starting A Turo Business 

When it comes down to the advantages of creating a business on Turo, this is what you need to know! If these pros outweigh the cons, then a Turo business could be the perfect decision for you! 

#1: Turo Protects Your Interests 

While Turo may have strict policies for private car owners using the service, they have equally strict policies for consumers renting the vehicles. This means that Turo protects your interests and takes all measures to ensure the safety of your cars and your business. 

#2: It Gives You More Freedom As A Business Owner 

Despite a perceived lack of control when starting a business on Turo, these policies actually provide you with somewhat more freedom as a Business owner. The methods of accepting and rejecting requests on the Turo platform are streamlined, allowing you to turn your cars into a great source of passive income


Turo is a service that allows private vehicle owners to become business owners. This is done by renting out your eligible vehicles through the Turo platform. Of course, to do this, you will need to meet all requirements set out by Turo. While there are some drawbacks to consider, a Turo-based business may be the perfect way for you to start earning an extra income!