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For many vehicle owners, Turo car sharing is a fantastic source of additional income. Of course, this income is generated by listing your vehicle on this peer-to-peer car rental platform. However, many prospective Turo hosts have questioned whether it's possible to pay off a leased car on Turo.

It is possible to pay off your car with Turo. To do this, your vehicle will need to meet Turo's eligibility requirements, and you'll need to make enough monthly profit to make the payment. If you have a lease, you'll need to verify whether or not your car can be rented on Turo.

From Turo's regulations to your lease agreement (if you have one), we'll explain everything Turo users need to know about paying off a car using this platform. We'll even look at how prospective hosts can calculate their estimated revenue, allowing them to determine how quickly they can pay off their car. Let's get started!

Can You Pay Off A Car With Turo?

For many private car owners, Turo is the perfect way to create an additional source of income. Of course, Turo is a unique platform that allows for both commercial and peer-to-peer rentals. However, many users have wondered whether they would be able to pay off their car by listing it on this service.

Since 2015, when Relay Rides was rebranded as Turo, this service has become popular with consumers. One of the main reasons for Turo's popularity is that users can pay off their automotive loans faster. Turo users can do that by renting out their vehicles to others via this platform.

However, while Turo does allow users to pay off their vehicles by listing them on the platform, there are two crucial considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, your vehicle needs to meet Turo's relevant vehicle requirements. Secondly, you'll need to look closely at your car's lease agreement. Let's take a closer look at these aspects!

Turo's Requirements When Listing Vehicles

As we established above, you can list your leased vehicle on Turo to pay it off faster. However, the car you're leasing will need to be eligible for Turo's platform. If you're already paying off a car you want to list on Turo's platform, you must check that your vehicle meets all Turo's requirements.

However, if you're not currently leasing a car, you'll be able to choose a vehicle eligible for Turo's platform. There are a couple of essential requirements to consider here. For instance, the car you lease will need to be registered with you. The vehicle will also need to meet all legal requirements in your area.

You can visit their official website for more information on the vehicles that Turo allows on its platform. However, another critical aspect to consider when listing a leased car on Turo is your lease agreement. Read on as we explain this in more detail!

Checking The Terms Of Your Vehicle's Lease Agreement

To use Turo's platform to rent your vehicle, you will need to meet Turo's requirements. This applies to all Turo cars, whether leased or not. However, you'll need to consult your lease agreement to rent out a car you're paying off. You can read more about Can You Rent Out Your Leased Car on Turo here.

Another consideration to keep in mind here is your insurance. Should you rent your vehicle on Turo, you might see an increase in your insurance premium. Ultimately, you'll need to speak to your auto insurance company about this. Luckily, Turo does require drivers of rented vehicles to select an insurance option when renting a car.

The main factor to consider here is your lease agreement, which will determine whether you can use Turo to pay off your vehicle. If your lease agreement does allow for this, there's an easy way to estimate your potential income through Turo!

Using Turo's Carculator To Estimate Income

On their official website, Turo has a handy tool that prospective hosts can use to calculate their estimated earnings from the service. This so-called Carculator uses actual data from Turo trips in various markets to provide accurate readings. The Carculator also considers details about your car, such as its make, model, trim level, and year of production, to give an accurate estimate.

In order to use Turo's Carculator, you can click here. Once you've filled in the details about your vehicle and location, you'll be presented with three figures. Using this algorithm, Turo will estimate the number of days your vehicle will be booked in a month. It will also project estimated daily and monthly earnings in USD.

For those hosts that want to use this service to pay off their leased car, this tool can come in even handier! That's because they'll be able to gauge how quickly they'll be able to pay off their vehicle. This can help potential users decide whether or not this is the right financial decision for their needs!

Turo's Advice Regarding Host's Expectations

On their official website, Turo provides some advice for prospective hosts regarding their expectations. Of course, the company discusses the fact that certain lease agreements will not allow for this. This means this is not a viable option for everyone.

Furthermore, Turo also stresses the importance of keeping expectations moderate. After all, there is some risk to consider with this arrangement. For example, the company emphasizes that accidents can (and do) happen. Of course, insurance plans are there for this reason.

Nonetheless, it's essential to consider these factors when deciding whether to list your leased car on this platform. For instance, you might not want your leased car to be in an accident before you've had a chance to enjoy it yourself. At the end of the day, you'll need to weigh your options carefully!


Turo is a great platform that allows for peer-to-peer car rentals. For those drivers who are paying off their cars, listing their vehicle on Turo is an easy way to pay it off faster. This article details the factors to keep in mind when considering this.