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Sometimes canceling memberships can result in hidden fees or nasty surprises, so you may be wondering how to cancel your Zipcar car-sharing membership carefully. There are two ways Zipcar members can cancel their account – here’s how to go about it.  

You can cancel your Zipcar membership by navigating to your account online or dialing 1-866-4ZIPCAR. There are no penalty fees or refunds unless you cancel within 30 days. Any outstanding fees or credits will be applied to your account. You can still book trips until the end of the cycle.

If you need to cancel your Zipcar account and membership, here’s everything you need to know to do so safely and what membership fees and other costs you’re still eligible for during the cancelation period.   

Can You Cancel Your Zipcar Membership?

Zipcar is a useful car-sharing service for those who want to book trips conveniently. But while Zipcar has similarities to apps like Kyte or Turo, it differs because it charges a membership fee to sign up. There are various membership plans available, all with varying costs. But what should you do if you no longer need to use Zipcar?

Canceling a membership can often be stressful for those who aren’t sure how to go about it and feel uncertain about how it affects them financially. Will you be charged? Are membership fees due for a certain period after cancelation? Here’s what you need to know about canceling your Zipcar membership.    

Does Cancelling Zipcar Membership Cancel Your Booked Trips?

Your Zipcar subscription or membership fee is billed monthly, and if you have booked trips in advance, you need to know how canceling your membership plan will affect these. In this case, knowing when you signed up and how your billing works is helpful.

If you cancel your Zipcar membership, the cancellation kicks in at the end of your billing period, when your Zipcar account will be deactivated. You can still book and drive Zipcars until the end of your billing cycle, but any trips and cars booked after the date your next payment was due will be canceled.

The same applies to any additional drivers on your plan – cars and trips booked until the end of the cycle go ahead, but all membership privileges get canceled at the end of the billing cycle.

Any tolls, additional trip costs, and violations that occur during this time will be charged to you once Zipcar receives them.

Is it Possible to Suspend Your Zipcar Membership?

If your situation is such that you don’t want to entirely cancel your membership plan and instead want to pause it or put it on hold, you’re out of luck. Zipcar doesn’t offer the option to suspend membership and, in so doing, pause payments. You will need to deactivate your membership if you wish to stop paying.

But there is a bit of good news, fortunately. When you cancel the membership, your account isn’t deactivated immediately, as this usually occurs after the billing on your plan. If you want to reactivate your membership plan before this date, you can easily sign in to your account.

The only caveat is that if it has been more than 90 days past when you submit a request to cancel, you will need to submit a brand-new application, and the original application fees will be charged.

Will Zipcar Refund My Membership Fees?

Zipcar’s policies do not cater to refunding membership fees unless you are within 30 days after signing up. If you cancel your membership within this initial period, Zipcar may refund your membership fees in full or partially, depending on your circumstances. If you cancel after this time, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

It’s worth noting that any remaining credit balance on your Zipcar account will be credited once it is canceled. This should be processed at the end of your billing cycle.

Can You Cancel Your Zipcar Membership At Any Time?

It’s easier than you think to cancel your membership. You can cancel your Zipcar membership anytime. There’s no specific time to cancel your Zipcar subscription, although it’s worth noting that you won’t be eligible for a refund if your account is over 30 days old. The best time to cancel your membership is thus within those first 30 days – but obviously, that doesn’t work for everyone.

Depending on the reason for canceling your membership, you must deal with the fact that your billing period needs to run its course for a cancelation to be effective.

Does Canceling Your Zipcar Membership Delete Your Zipcar Account?

Your account with Zipcar isn’t automatically deleted when you request a cancelation. Instead, your billing period will run its course, and the company will ensure any outstanding fees are first charged to or credited to you.

After 90 days, Zipcar will delete your account unless you choose to reactivate it. Upon reactivation, there aren’t any new applicable fees unless you go over the 90 days, in which case your whole application and registration process starts from scratch, with all the same costs needing to be paid.

How To End Your Zipcar Membership: A Step By Step Guide

In the United States, you can deactivate your Zipcar membership in two ways.

Here’s How To Cancel Your Zipcar Membership Online:

The Zipcar website notes that cancellations cannot be processed via Android or iOS at the time of writing, but you can access a cancellation through the website as follows:

  1. Sign in to your account with Zipcar
  2. Navigate to ‘My Account and select ‘Account Settings’
  3. Choose the ‘Plan’ option and wait for the window to open
  4. Select ‘Cancel Membership’ at the bottom, and click confirm when prompted

Alternatively, you may select ‘Close My Account’ from the ‘Account Settings’ menu and then choose ‘Close My Account’ – you will be prompted to ‘Submit a Request’. Complete the relevant information and submit it.

Here’s How To Cancel Your Zipcar Membership By Phone:

If you’d rather speak to someone in person, you can call in and request a cancellation by following these steps:

  1. Call 1-866-4ZIPCAR
  2. Request assistance with having your membership closed
  3. Provide your identifying information
  4. Remember to request confirmation of your request in writing.


Whatever reason you may have for wanting to cancel your Zipcar membership, the process is simple. It shouldn’t give you any hassles, provided you remember that all changes only occur at the end of your billing cycle. This includes yourself and any registered drivers on your profile. If you do run into problems, you should contact Zipcar customer services for assistance.

There aren’t any cancellation fees, but any outstanding tolls and expenses arising during your final billing cycle still need to be paid. Canceling online or via phone call is straightforward, and your account can be reactivated without cost within 90 days of cancelation.