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As a car sharing platform, Turo allows those who have a vehicle available for rent to connect with those who require transport, but you may be wondering whether you can rent more than one car at a time with Turo. The answer depends on whether you ask as a guest or host.

Guests can only rent one car with Turo at any time, as each trip is allocated to one approved profile. You will need to rent additional vehicles through other valid profiles. You can list multiple cars on Turo and rent them out simultaneously as a host. No limit is officially provided.

Why does Turo allow hosts to have multiple vehicles listed for rent, but guests can only rent one car at a time? Let’s look at how Turo works to understand these regulations.  

How Many Cars Can You Rent With Turo?

Turo is an innovative platform that connects those looking to rent a car with those who have vehicles available to hire out. And with various rules and regulations around the processes to keep both parties safe, there may be some confusion about how many cars you can rent with Turo.

Depending on whether you are looking to rent a vehicle through Turo as a guest or whether you’re viewing the multiple-car question as a host, the answer is very different. And while there may be some workarounds for renting more than one vehicle at a time, you’ll need to understand Turo’s policies to ensure you stay within the requirements.

Let’s look at what Turo allows for those wanting to rent a vehicle from a host:

The Basics Of Renting A Car Through Turo

Those who want to rent a car must first sign up with the Turo website or app. They need to provide specific details to be eligible to rent a vehicle, including identification information and proof of your driver’s license. Once your profile as a guest has been confirmed, you will be able to search for a vehicle and request a trip.

Can You Rent More Than One Car Through Turo?

Suppose you’re asking whether you can rent multiple vehicles consecutively. In that case, the answer is yes – provided you are a legitimate profile holder and have not caused any problems with hiring cars in the past, you can theoretically rent as many vehicles back-to-back as you can afford and as many as are available.

The answer is more complicated if you ask whether you can rent more than one vehicle simultaneously. As your profile is linked to the trip, you cannot book two cars through the same profile for the same period.

Can I Rent a Car That Someone Else Drives Through Turo?

Once you’ve created a profile and been approved, you can also request to add additional drivers. These drivers must also provide identifying information and proof of valid driver’s license. Once approved, they can drive the car you’ve selected. While they can drive the car, the app will not allow you to choose a second vehicle under your profile.

How Can I Rent More Than One Car On Turo?

Simply put, you cannot drive two cars at the same time, so if the purpose of wanting to rent two cars at the same time is simply for you to pay for both while two different drivers are allocated to the vehicles, the only issue is payment. Create two profiles for two valid drivers, and once approved, select the trip details and simply pay for both.

The bottom line remains that one profile cannot rent two cars simultaneously, much like one person cannot pilot two vehicles concurrently. You will need a valid and approved profile for each car you need to rent, and even if you add the maximum number of additional drivers for the vehicle, you cannot add more cars.

The Basics Of Hosting A Car Through Turo

Now that we have insight from a guest’s perspective let’s view the problem from another angle. If you have more vehicles you want to host on Turo, you can host multiple cars on the Turo website and app.

One of the benefits of hosting a car on Turo is that you can earn income on a flexible schedule that suits you. May entrepreneurs have found that starting small by renting out their vehicle part-time – when they don’t need it– is convenient and easy and a stepping stone to purchasing and hosting more than one vehicle.

How Many Vehicles Can I Rent Out On Turo?

With one host profile, you can load multiple vehicles for rent without any issues. Provided your host status remains in good standing, your reviews are positive, and your vehicles are within the requirements, Turo places no restrictions on how many cars you can list. Here is a quick breakdown of the vehicle requirements in the USA:

  • The car must be an eligible passenger vehicle lawfully registered in the USA to the holder of the profile as owner – it must meet all state legal requirements for being on the road.
  • The car must have permanent or temporary plates, not dealer plates.
  • The car cannot be older than 12 years unless listed as a specialty or vintage vehicle.
  • The vehicle needs to have fewer than 130,000 miles, meet Turo’s maintenance and safety standards, and continue to meet legal and safety regulations.
  • The vehicle must have a fair market value of up to $200k as Turo provides coverage for the cash value up to this amount – a third-party vendor will determine the value of your car before listing.
  • The vehicle title must be clean – no salvage or branded vehicles are allowed, and neither can the car have been declared a total loss.
  • The car must have an active OEM tracking device if the listing value is $125k.

The Turo app and website note that the average annual car listing nine cars on Turo is around $95k. While it doesn’t stipulate whether nine cars is the limit, it provides a good indication of the flexibility around listing multiple vehicles.

Entrepreneurs who use the Turo app as a source of income have also found that having numerous types of vehicles for rent on Turo covers a broader spectrum of the rental market – for example, offering economical runabouts to those needing essential transport without wanting to spend too much, as well as having larger, more premium vehicles for those seeking something glamorous.

Many hosts also offer specialized vehicles such as off-roaders, minivans, or even vintage-style cars for those who want to make a statement at an event. The ability to list more than one vehicle on Turo is a boon for those who want to earn an income through cars they already have on hand.


Turo provides services to those who need transport as much as it gives a platform for those who can make an income from renting out their vehicles. While guests can only rent one vehicle at a time per profile, hosts can list multiple cars on their profile. Renting out more than one vehicle is an excellent way of making money, provided all the cars meet the Turo standards and requirements.