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If you’re considering using Zipcar car sharing and wondering whether tolls are covered, you’ll be pleased to know that Zipcar strives to equip all its vehicles with toll passes to ensure seamless travel. However, whether they pay for it or not is another story entirely.

Zipcar does equip all its vehicles with toll passes, but the cost of any tolls is not included in your membership or rental fees. Any tolls you incur when you rent the Zipcar will be billed to your account at the end of the month, and you will be required to pay them.

How do you know if the car you are renting is fitted with a toll pass or whether you should take your own pass? And will you be charged directly for routes that are tolled? Here’s everything you need to know about Zipcar covering tolls.  

Does Zipcar Cover Tolls? What You Need To Know

Paying for tolls can be a hassle, and it seems doubly frustrating when you’re renting a car and unsure if it comes equipped with a toll pass. While Zipcar does include several amenities in the vehicle, it notes that ‘most’ of its cars are equipped with a toll pass, and drivers should check each car for a pass before driving off.

That being said, the toll pass is one thing, but paying for those tolls is another. Zipcar receives the toll but adds the cost to your account, as you are still liable to pay for it. So, what do you need to know about Zipcars and tolls before you get behind the wheel?   

Does Zipcar Pay For Tolls?

Renting a car traditionally means getting a few benefits, including insurance and fuel allocation. Zipcar also includes these, and since the company strives to make things convenient for those who need to rent a car for a certain period, they also have a toll pass in their vehicles.

While there seems to be a bit of controversy among users about whether all calls include a pass, that seems to be the aim. However, Zipcar doesn’t pay for the tolls you rack up when you rent a car through them – instead, the pass collects the toll information and charges it to Zipcar.

In turn, Zipcar aligns charged tolls with the account of the person driving at the time and will bill them for the tolls accrued during their rental. These costs are added to the statement that Zipcar issues at the end of the month, and you, the one renting the car, are liable to pay for it.

Does Zipcar Cover Tolls in NYC?

As with the other locations that Zipcar covers, New York City is also covered in terms of having vehicles equipped with toll passes. Still, the drivers must pay the toll charges they incur during their rental period, and they will usually be billed a few days after and added to the driver’s profile. Zipcar recommends opting for toll-free routes, where possible, to avoid unexpected bills.

Can You Use Your Own Toll Pass In A Zipcar?

The simple answer to this is yes, but only in certain circumstances. While the company notes that its vehicles are equipped with a toll pass as standard, you may still find a vehicle without a pass. Make sure that you check whether or not the car you’re renting has a toll pass or not – and only if it is not equipped with one should you use your own.

Checking for a toll pass on your Zipcar needs to be thorough – call in if you have to, rather than just assuming. You could find that you are double charged if you use your own toll pass while the Zipcar is also charged through its own pass. Remember that even in this case, you will be liable to pay both charges, so instead, leave yours at home.

Does Zipcar Come With E-Z Pass?

E-Z Pass makes parking and paying tolls easy, and you may want to take your own pass along when renting a car. First, check whether your rental is equipped with a pass, as the company specifies that its vehicles are supposed to be fitted with toll passes. However, E-Z Passes are only used in the Easter, Midwestern, and Southern United States, so if you’re renting in those regions, the answer is yes.

Since you could be double charged if you take your E-Z Pass along in an E-Z-pass-equipped Zipcar, your best bet is to check the car’s amenities first. Another approach here would be to find a toll-pass-free Zipcar if you’d prefer to use your own, but considering the company is trying to standardize tolling, this may be challenging.

Do Zipcars have GPS?

Regarding satellite navigation by GPS, it will depend on your renting car. The make, model, and features a list of these cars vary, and the best forms of native satnav are generally only found on high-end vehicles. That being said, you can usually use your phone to navigate, so acquiring a GPS isn’t a necessary expense.

On the other hand, if the query regarding GPS pertains to the tracking of the vehicle, it’s worth noting that all Zipcars come with vehicle tracking and technology to prevent theft (how about E-Zpass?) which makes use of global positioning systems (GPS). This means the company (and the app) can locate the car at any time, which is also crucial in pickup and delivery.

How Do I Know What My Zipcar Is Equipped With?

The process of renting a car through Zipcar is straightforward, and many drivers are looking for a specific vehicle to use that comes with a particular set of features. They are likely already familiar with the car and what it has to offer.

If you’re choosing a vehicle for convenience and affordability, you may be unsure what it comes fitted with. Be sure to check the amenities listed on the app when you select the vehicle, and if you’re unsure, you can interact with the customer service agents or call in to clarify.

While some drivers have reported that toll passes aren’t overtly listed among the available amenities, it’s in the company’s interest to ensure all its vehicles are adequately equipped.


Zipcar is a car-sharing platform that strives to make car rental quick and easy. To this end, Zipcars are equipped with all the technology needed to ensure your trip can be as rapid and fuss-free as possible – including being provided with a toll pass.

The company will have all vehicles in its fleet equipped with a pass, including E-Z Pass in regions that support this. However, the company bills the driver for any toll charges incurred, so while Zipcar provides a pass, the driver still has to pay for any tolls.