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It doesn't matter if you're planning a road trip or looking for an easy way to explore a new, unfamiliar city. There are several ways renting a car will come in handy! Car sharing companies like Turo have recently seen a rise in popularity. Can you rent a Turo car with someone else's credit card?

Turo states that the primary driver, which is the person who owns the Turo account, has to be present to pick up the vehicle. To successfully book a car through Turo, you need to have an eligible payment card listed on your account. You have to rent the vehicle yourself and pick it up.

Turo has a car rental app, and it's seen as one of the user-friendliest car rental apps out there. Are you wondering if you can rent a Turo car with someone else's credit card, and what payments Turo accepts? Keep reading with us to find out!

What Payments Does Turo Accept?

When you need to request to book a trip, Turo will send your card information to your bank to request the payment. Turo has many positive reviews, and they are known to prioritize maximum safety for their renters and users.

Turo only accepts payment methods issued in the primary guest's name. Most of the credit cards issued by major financial institutions are accepted, such as Discover and American Express. 

Turo also accepts non-temporary debit cards with a Mastercard logo or a Visa linked to a checking account. 

This includes debit cards from Chime and Ally, which are online banks. However, it does not include reloadable debit cards, including EDD, Chase Liquid, and Simple. 

Although Turo accepts both debit and credit cards, they do accept Revolut cards without accepting other types of prepaid cards. 

Turo also accepts Apply Pay on mobile devices, no matter the location, and Google Pay only on mobile phones and devices in the US and Canada. 

It would be good to note that if you are using a promo code, the discount will only apply to the price of the vehicle.

Verifying A Payment Card On Turo

Turo will send your payment card information to your bank when you request a trip. 

Your bank has the option to either deny or accept the transaction. 

If you are prevented from booking a trip through Turo because of a problem with your card, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • You may be using a payment card Turo does not accept. 
  • Your billing address may be incorrect. 

Turo processes your card number and billing address exactly how you enter it. 

Your bank will determine whether they can verify your card. An issue with an address is the most common verification issue.

When it comes to Turo, some banks are particular with the format of the address. 

Make sure you check your billing statement or contact your bank to get the correct and precise address format for your card.

If your problem lies with the zip code, you can try any of your previous addresses or try your bank's zip code.

  • Your bank or payment method issues may have placed your card on hold. Whatever the case may be, Turo can't accept or verify a card if your bank has declined the transaction. 

If you think that this is likely to be the case, it is advised that you contact your card issuer for some more details. 

You can also enter a different payment method, and this may be the best thing to do if you need to pay for your Turo trip with somebody else's credit card!

Updating The Payment Method On Turo To Someone Else's Card

If you need to pay for your Turo car using someone else's credit card, there is a way it can be done! Turo allows its users to update their payment method at any time they want. 

As I mentioned, Turo's app is very user-friendly, and chances are, you won't have a difficult time quickly updating your payment method if you need to pay for a trip using someone else's credit card. 

To enter a new payment card or if you want to update your information for your current card on Turo's files, follow the five quick and easy steps listed below:

  1. Log onto Turo's app and open your “Account Page.”
  2. Scroll all the way down until you see the “Payment” section.
  3. Tap on “Update.”
  4. Enter your new and complete payment information and click on “Save.”
  5. Verify the changes by entering the code Turo will send to the email address or phone number associated with your Turo account.

Turo Trips If You Pay With Google Pay Or Apple Pay

Turo will authorize the total cost of your trip if you click on “Submit Trip” because these payment methods do not allow partial authorizations. If the host accepts the request, Turo will charge the payment

However, if the host declines the request, Turo will refund the payment entirely. Using these payment methods can be much better, especially if somebody else I spaying for your Turo trip. 

However, it would be good to know that Google Pay and Apple Pay can take up to 30 days to return the funds to your account.

Charges For Turo Trips That Has Been Booked Instantly

Turo will authorize the total trip cost when you book a ride. 

Depending on which one comes first, they will charge your payment method on their files about 40 hours after the authorization or one hour before your trip is scheduled to start. 

Turo will then process “Booked Instantly” trip payments regardless of payment type. 

You don't have to be stressed if you do this, as the verified card will issue the charges.


If you tend to feel uncomfortable with the idea that you will be storing all of your payment information on an online platform, you may want to stick with the more traditional car renting agencies. 

This also includes if you will be storing somebody else's credit card information on your Turo account.