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Zipcar began as a car rental company in 2000, stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. Now Zipcar has grown and operates in ten countries and multiple regions within 43 states of the US and Washington DC. Zipcar is a globally recognized, leading car hiring company.

Zipcar’s driving record requirements align with the US government’s license criteria; a driver’s license must be valid, current, and registered by the US government. A restricted license will be refused. Access your license status via the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), online or locally. 

There are many advantages to using Zipcar, including increased autonomy over Uber and Lyft. As a driver, you can determine your driving schedule, be it hours, days, or weeks. Zipcar is affordable, accessible, and user-friendly. Drivers can hire a Zipcar for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 14 days.

Zipcar And Driving Record Requirements

There are specific obligations to fulfill for a Zipcar membership. Typically, these requirements align with most drivers’ general rules and regulations determined by the law. The procedure for eligibility is straightforward. If there is any doubt, check the Zipcar common question support webpage.

Zipcar And Driving License Requirements

Your government-issued license must be valid, and it mustn’t be suspended or permanently revoked. A valid license must be current. Temporary or photocopied licenses won’t be accepted. Learner’s permits, probational/provisional licenses, instructor’s permits, and junior licenses will be rejected.

It’s crucial to check on your driving license status to ensure that it’s useable. You can visit the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locally or their website to check your license’s status. There is also a mobile app that can be downloaded.

If a driver holds a license without a photograph, Zipcar will require additional information like legal identity documentation, place of birth, and proof of residence. Documentation required overall includes your driver’s license number, the region in which you acquired your license, and a recent colored photo.

There must be no significant endorsements on your license. Endorsements are privileges afforded to the driver and give the driver extra rights. License endorsements also concern the types of vehicles the driver is authorized to operate- for example, a truck, motorcycle, or minivan. 

What Are Driving License Restrictions? 

A license restriction is the opposite of a license endorsement. A license restriction revokes the rights of a person to drive- for example, if eyewear is prescribed, a driver is limited by their sight when operating a vehicle. 

Your driving license could get suspended due to many infractions, some of which the driver may not know. In Alabama, for example, a person’s driver’s license could be revoked if they’ve failed to pay child support. 

State policies differ as to the restrictions placed on drivers. Contact your local or closest DMV (or access their website) to discover the restriction codes for your jurisdiction. Don’t mistake restriction codes for standard permits or license codes.  

Zipcar And A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

Drivers must have a mostly clean driving record, determined by Zipcar’s discretion. A clean driving record is a motor vehicle record (MVR) that doesn’t have traffic violations, tickets, or convictions. You can access your driving record on the DMV website. 

Car accidents, among other infringements like traffic violations, will negatively affect your clean driving record. (A clean driving record will lower your car’s insurance rate.) A license is made illegitimate due to a court-mandated restriction. Alcohol or drug-related violations could end a driver in court. 

If a driving record does have a violation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the MVR will stay that way in the future. It’s contingent on the state in which the driver resides- your driving record will be clean once the violation has been removed, a traffic fine paid, or time/probation served.

Your driving record is subject to Zipcar’s discretion. Accordingly, a clean record means that the driver’s history must have no more than two infractions. Infractions include moving violations and accidents. A moving violation happens when a driver violates the law while the car is in motion.

A driver’s record is deemed clean by Zipcar if a driver has only two occurrences (moving violations and accidents) on their record over three years and only one violation over 18 months. Zipcar also necessitates that a driver has no violations over three years and no alcohol infringements over the previous seven years.  

Your license must only have a limited number of points for a Zipcar membership. Every state has a traffic violation point system. A driver will not be accepted if their driver record exceeds three points. However, if you’re aged 30-74, your threshold is six points, and at 75, it must be three points.

Demerits regulate the point system, and negative points are allotted to poor driving. The US points programs track a driver’s behavior. Demerits can be cleared after a set time or a state-recognized certified points reduction course. 

Zipcar And Non-US Based Licenses

According to the Zipcar support web page, international driver’s licenses are accepted for membership. The driver must contact your country’s motor vehicle records department and obtain an official copy of your driving record and other necessary documents. Your national driver’s license must accompany your international driving permit. 

An international driver must also contact your insurance to gain proper documentation of your driving history. Zipcar needs to determine your eligibility as a driver and may request information, including national license, driving records, license registration number, place of registration, place of birth, a recent colored photo, passport, and additional information.

The driver must also complete a declaration form. The declaration form affirms the driver’s validity. It attests to their driving history and license status. You must submit all your information to to ensure that your necessary documents are processed promptly. 

A Canadian G1 license is a beginner’s or learner’s permit. It belongs to the first of three steps to gaining an actual driver’s license, and a driver must be at the youngest, 16 years of age. A Canadian G1 permit is not eligible for Zipcar membership.  

Zipcar And Age Restriction

A driver is eligible at 21 years and has at least one year of driving experience for membership with Zipcar. People aged 19 or older can apply to join as an additional driver, so long as they’ve got two years of experience driving and belong as an organ to the Zipcar business. 

In states like New York, Maryland, or Michigan, people can join if they are 18 years of age. Candidates that join a university-affiliated Zipcar account can be 18 years old. There isn’t a maximum age limit to driving a Zipcar. People aged 75 and above can hire with Zipcar if they meet the license prerequisites. 

Do You Need Insurance To Become A Zipcar Member?

Zipcar offers the legally required amount of insurance for its users. Therefore, a member doesn’t need to have insurance or pay for insurance to hire a car with Zipcar. However, as a driver, you may want to augment Zipcar’s primary coverage to guarantee you’re fully protected- in case of an accident. Zipcar coverage differs slightly depending on criteria like age and driving status. 

Does Your Insurance Cover Zipcar Vehicle Damage?

Contact your insurance for full disclosure to determine whether your insurance covers damage to a Zipcar. Otherwise, your plan must include collision and comprehensive coverage to safeguard you as a Zipcar driver. If you have this plan with your policy, it’ll likely cover you in the event of an accident with a rental.

What Would Disqualify A Person From Using Zipcar?

Zipcar membership is instantly terminated or suspended if a driver disrespects or violates Zipcar’s rules and regulations. Zipcars procedures and mandates are explicitly stated on their Rules of Vehicle Use webpage. All Zipcar members are expected to abide by the rules and accept the terms and conditions. 


Zipcar eligibility requirements are straightforward and align with the US government’s rules and regulations applicable to all drivers. Zipcar membership entails their driver’s license is valid, current, and government-registered. Check the DMV website to determine your driving status or record.

The driver’s status and past driving record must be mostly clean. A driver is allowed two infractions- accidents, traffic fines, and moving violations. Drivers must have only three points on their driver’s status and six points if aged 30-74. For drivers over 75 years, it’s three points.