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What collection agency does Turo use?

If you recently used the peer-to-peer car sharing service and hit a snag along the way that added some unforeseen fees to your account, you might be wondering what can happen if you decide not to pay or don't have to funds to clear the debt. Will Turo send you to collections, and what company would they use? 

Turo has a few collection companies on retainer, but the details of the agencies are not disclosed on Turo's website. Due to a complaint on LinkedIn from a guest, there is evidence that Turo uses FedChex to manage collections on their behalf; Viking Client Services might be another agency. 

There are so many collection companies in the U.S. that it is nearly impossible to determine what agencies Turo uses if they do not expressly mention them by name. However, looking into customer complaints on rental services can uncover more about the collection companies Turo might be using. 

Debt Collection Agencies Turo May Have On Retainer

Peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Turo use collection companies to retrieve debt from guests. The outstanding amounts owed to Turo are generally additional charges in the case of late returns, cleaning fees, or damages to the host's vehicle. 

Turo's website mention that they keep collection agencies on retainer but do not provide any details for such companies. However, a complaint on LinkedIn revealed that a client was handed over to the collection agency FedChex. 

FedEx (associated with FCR) deals with risk mitigation, treasury management, depository services, and loss prevention & recovery. Looking at more complaints, we have found that Hertz has used Viking Client Services to recover debt, placing them in the “maybe” column for agencies Turo may have on retainer. 

Another way to establish other potential collection companies the peer-to-peer service may use is to look at competitors. Zoominfo lists the following collection companies as competitors for FedChex: 

  • E-Chex
  • CheckAGAIN
  • Persolvent
  • Select Bankcard
  • Payment Transaction Systems
  • Paymill

Can Turo Send Me To Collections?

According to news articles published in NBC News and Detroit Free Press, car rental agencies routinely use collection companies to retrieve money on overdue accounts. Most of the time, the clients are surprised to receive a call from a collection agency because companies are not required to notify clients that their debt is being handed over to collections. 

Business News Daily suggests that companies/creditors wait 90 days before sending a non-paying client to debt collectors – and only after the company has taken the necessary steps to inform the client of the debt and tried to collect the money themselves.

Turo's terms of service page (under fees and taxes) states that Turo will use any means necessary – including the collection agencies and lawyers they have on retainer – to collect all money due to them. 

In the same paragraph, Turo warns guests that the peer-to-peer rental service may find it necessary to report overdue accounts to credit bureaus. Turo is essentially telling guests that they have the choice of paying or accepting a nick on their credit reports

Guests should be aware that apart from the initial overdue amount, they can be charged for any costs Turo incurred in the attempts to collect the money from them. If you owe money to Turo and do not pay, they can hand your account over for collection. 

What Can You Do If Turo Sent You To Collections? 

To avoid any negative marks on your credit score, you must understand how collections work and what your rights are. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) assures that debt collections are carried out in a just and equitable manner. 

Additionally, the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) might also provide consumers with added protection by affording them the right to dispute charges that don't seem fair or might have been miscalculated. 

Steps To Take To Ensure Your Credit Score Recovers

The most crucial step you need to take when any debt collection service contacts you is to ask for proof of the debt – this is called a debt verification notice. If this proof is not provided, the collection company cannot continue with the collection process. 

A debt verification notice is similar to an account statement that the collection agency must provide within five days after contacting the debtor. The notice should give a detailed outline of the amount of money owed, the principal creditor, as well as channels to explore if you believe there might be an error (consult the provisions of the FCBA). 

You should never ignore collection agencies in the hope that they'll just give up and move along. Collectors do not always immediately notify one of the bureaus (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion), but if you do not respond or pay, you risk being reported to a credit bureau.

If your account is not reported for collection, you have a fair shot of keeping it off your record by contacting the collections agency and getting all the information you need to set up a payment plan. 

Keep in mind that you might be able to save a little money if you negotiate with debt collectors. They will often agree to settle for a lower amount, but also be aware that this might have tax implications

The stain on your credit can make future transactions – like mortgages – extremely challenging. If you still don't think you need to make arrangements, you should be aware that collection companies can use other legal routes to recover the debt; you can be sued for the debt. 


While most of the collection agencies Turo use remain a mystery, FedChex is at least one of them, and Viking Client Services another possibility. Other potential collection companies include E-Chex, CheckAGAIN, Persolvent, Select Bankcard, Payment Transaction Systems, and Paymill. 

When you are contacted by one of the collection agencies retained by Turo, make sure you ask the right questions before you pay the debt, but also be careful not to have a small debt be the reason your credit score takes a hit.