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Turo and Hyrecar are both well-known companies in the car sharing world. If you're considering using one of these companies for your transportation needs to explore a new city on your own terms, you may want to look at what each of them offers before you pick up the phone to book! Which is better, Turo or Hyrecar?

Where Turo focuses on the traditional car rental market, like business travelers, Hyrecar focuses more specifically on renting to ride share drivers, such as Lyft and Uber. If you prefer to rent your car out to private users or looking for a car for personal reasons, Turo would be the best choice.

To better understand how these two companies compare and which one will work best for your needs, continue reading!

Turo Vs. Hyrecar: Which One Is Better?

Turo and Hyrecar are excellent car sharing companies, and it's no wonder you have difficulty choosing between them. Let’s look closely at their costs, insurance policies, cancellation policies, and rental durations.

Turo Vs. Hyrecar: Cost

Neither platform has set rates, as Turo and HyreCar are only marketplaces. The location and what you can expect to pay in your specific location will set the rates.

Turo Costs

Turo has a booking fee, up to 25% of the trip price, and a front-up fee, which can vary from $0.1 to $3 per additional mile up to $1000. Turo also has a late return fee, which is $50 per hour up to $200, and a $25 administration fee.

They also have a fuel replacement fee, which is the cost of fuel, and a $25 admin fee. Additionally, a security deposit may be required based on the vehicle you want to rent and the type of car rental.

Additionally, if you, as the driver, are under 25 years, you will be charged 30% of the trip's price or up to $25 per day.

Hyrecar Costs

Hyrecar's prices generally range from $25 to $40 per day. The drivers can benefit from greater discounts on the longer rental durations, which could typically go for $200 a week.

All car rentals include insurance, which is $10 per day. If a credit card is not used to rent a vehicle, a $200 security deposit is required on your debit card.

Turo Vs. Hyrecar: Insurance Policies

Turo's insurance policy is much more complicated than Hyrecar's insurance. However, when you rent with Turo, you do not need personal car insurance.

Turo's Insurance Policy

Turo offers five different insurance options for coverage:

  • Turo's 60 plan: You earn 60% of your trip price, and 100% of damages will be paid by Turo, with no deductible charges.
  • Turo's 75 plan: You earn 75% of your trip price, and 100% of damages will be paid by Turo, with a $250 deductible.
  • Turo's 80 plan: You earn 80% of your trip price, and 100% of damages will be paid by Turo, with a $750 deductible.
  • Turo's 85 plan: You earn 85% of your trip price, and 100% of damages will be paid by Turo, with a $1,625 deductible.
  • Turo's 90 plan: You earn 90% of your trip price, and 100% of damages will be paid by Turo, with a $2,500 deductible.

Hyrecar Insurance Policy

Hyrecar's insurance policy for their drivers is included in the cost of the rental. Their insurance policy will cover you when you're driving your rental car on the way to pick up or after dropping off passengers. However, it will not cover you when passengers are in the car.

Hyrecar protection offers a wide selection of coverage options for owners, thanks to their insurance partners. This gives the owner flexibility to choose the coverage levels they will receive while their vehicles are rented out on Hyrecar's platform.

These plans include additional services like tolls and tickets, liability insurance, and physical damage responsibility.

Turo Vs. Hyrecar: Cancellation Policies

Like any car sharing (vs ride share) platform, Turo and Hyrecar need to have cancellation policies set in place to protect themselves. Whether it's due to unforeseen circumstances or poor planning, it might help to look at each one of these companies' cancellation policies.

Turo's Cancellation Policy

Turo will offer you either a free refund or a portion of the total cost, depending on how soon you decide to cancel your rental after making the booking.

You can cancel your trip with Turo by notifying your driver and the company's support staff 72 hours before the trip's scheduled pickup times.

If you cancel in less than 72 hours of your trip, you will be liable for a fine of $50. You will also run the risk of your account with Turo being terminated.

Drivers will get 100% of their trip price reimbursed if they cancel seven days before their scheduled trip. They will receive 90% of the refund if they cancel after seven days.

If a driver cancels less than 24 hours before their scheduled trip, they will not receive any refund.

Hyrecar's Cancellation Policy

Both owners and drivers can easily cancel their rental booking if they decide to cancel before picking up the desired vehicle.

However, in both cases, the owner or driver has to contact Hyrecar support to activate the cancellation.

Suppose a driver cancels after already paying the rental amount before pickup. In that case, Hyrecar will allow the driver to have a full refund if the reason for the cancellation is reasonable and acceptable.

If the driver cancels the rental after picking up the vehicle due to vehicle problems or returns the car earlier than agreed upon, Hyrecar will refund a monetary amount, which is based on the number of days left of the rental minus all the processing fees.

Turo Vs. Hyrecar: Duration Of Rental

Some companies have a longer rental duration than others, simply to make each trip more profitable and worth it. Turo and Hyrecar have different rental durations, which could dramatically change your decision based on your needs.

Turo's Rental Duration

The best thing about Turo is that they do not have any minimum rental duration; even during their trip, a renter can contact the owner to extend or shorten their trip.

Hyrecar's Rental Duration

Hyrecar has a minimum rental duration of two days. The renter can continue to extend their rental period by reaching out to you, much like Turo. However, the renter is unable to shorten their trip.


Both Turo and Hyrecar have some excellent high-quality vehicles to choose from, and both of them could help you with your rental car needs.

However, when it comes to your best choice, Turo is considered the better and leading car rental company, mainly due to its insurance policies, trip duration, and cancellation policy.