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Turo is a popular peer-to-peer car sharing platform that has shown remarkable success in the United States. Still, many wonder whether Turo’s services are limited to cars only or whether the platform offers motorcycles for hire.

Turo doesn’t rent motorcycles, but there are other options, including Rider Share and Twisted Road, which are peer-to-peer sharing platforms like Turo. EagleRider offers bike rentals too, but is considered pricier and is touring-focused. Hertz Ride is only available in a few locations currently.

What options are there that are like Turo for motorcycles? Let’s look at other platforms allowing you to rent motorcycles in the USA.

Does Turo Offer Motorcycles For Rent?

The increasing popularity of the Turo platform has seen it spread internationally, with Turo now offering services in 56 countries. But while the app has grown in leaps and bounds due to the need for car rentals, many people are also searching for similar options for renting motorcycles.

Turo doesn’t offer any motorcycle rentals, which is unfortunate as Turo’s services and processes have proven to be very user-friendly and efficient. So, what if you want to rent a motorcycle similar to a car on Turo?  

Four Options For Renting Motorcycles

What other options can you consider if you want to rent a motorcycle, then? Turo may not offer motorcycles for rent, but there are similar apps and services in the US that you can use. Here are four options you can consider:  

1. Riders Share

Like Turo, Riders Share is a peer-to-peer sharing community specific to motorcycles. It is based in Austin, Texas but offers its rental platform across many states. There are currently over 25,000 motorcycles listed for rental on the Riders Share website, which can be booked out for use by those seeking transport or specific touring journeys on a bike.

Riders Share also provides a platform for earning an income by allowing people with motorcycles that aren’t being used daily to hire them out. Like Turo, the process requires creating a profile and being vetted as both a rider and a host before you can list your bike or book one for a trip; these processes aim to ensure safe and responsible rentals.

Riders Share was launched in 2018 and at present has more than 80,000 registered users. Many motorcycles are available, including BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson bikes. Riders Share is unique because it offers an annual Rider Pass membership. As of 2021, users could pay a yearly membership fee with the benefits of discounted services.

Riders Share also runs an insurance company partnered with big names like Lloyd’s of London to offer all riders liability coverage. It uses machine learning to calculate the cost of insuring individuals who rent motorcycles. And, where Riders Share stands out is in the caveat that unless you agree to buy the insurance, you cannot rent a bike through the platform at all.

2. Twisted Road

Marketed as an Airbnb for motorcycles, Twisted Road also hails from Texas, and although it was also launched late in 2018, it is currently on a smaller scale than the Riders Share platform mentioned before. Still, there are users in more than 40 states, increasing in popularity all the time.

Where Twisted Road differs is that it doesn’t require rental insurance, although it offers coverage for both drivers and hosts. Twisted Road also covers any damages for owners of bikes that occur during rental up to the value of $25,000 and liability insurance up to $1Mil.

The assumption when renting a motorcycle through Twisted Road is that your own personal insurance will cover any issues that may arise – and while that may be true, the onus is on the driver to enquire with their insurance whether or not they will be taken care of should there be an unfortunate event while hiring a bike.

In the USA, some private insurance policies don’t allow the rental of vehicles, only leasing or loaning. And, should you try to claim for something you have been renting, it could be construed as fraud or a felony. While some companies may cover liability when renting a motorcycle, they may not pay for any damages, which still leaves the driver at a loss.

3. Hertz Ride

Hertz (Turo vs Hertz) is known for car rentals, and few know that the company also offers motorcycle rentals. As it is operated on all the same principles and processes that apply to car rentals, you will have to ascribe to all the paperwork, red tape, deposits, and rules and regulations.

At the time of writing, Hertz Ride is offered in only five locations, including Las Vegas (NV), Riverside (CA), Miami (FL), Los Angeles (CA), and New Jersey. However, it also offers motorcycle rentals in other countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia.

With services that include booking a guided motorcycle tour, Hertz does allow you to rent a motorcycle for your transport needs. Still, since it depends on fleet availability, the variety of bikes is not as diverse as you would find on a peer-to-peer sharing platform. And since the service is limited, you may struggle to find a bike that suits your needs, in your location, and for the specific dates you require.

4. EagleRider

With a logo that harks strongly back to Harley-Davidson branding, EagleRider has been around since the early 90s. It makes sense that its logo is so familiar, considering the partnership with Harley-Davidson as of 2017, which was considered an alliance of exclusivity.

It is a different take on motorcycle rentals, as it is originally a touring company that carries bikes for rent, primarily for touring purposes. It operates in over 200 global locations, is based in Los Angeles, and includes free usage of DOT-approved helmets.

Some of the services offered by EagleRider include tours of famous routes like Route 66 and The Wild West, and the unique one-way rental option, too. This means you could rent a bike in one location, travel to your destination, and then leave the bike at a pre-approved branch while taking a plane or car back home.

EagleRider also offers membership options that benefit members from discounts and special deals; it’s known as one of the largest motorcycle rental platforms in the world, although many feel that it is more expensive than the more accessible peer-to-peer services from Riders Share and Twisted Road.


You may want to hire a motorcycle instead of a car, not the least of which is the experience of touring the country on an iconic bike like a Harley-Davidson or Can-Am. You may also have a desire for this kind of adventure – or, simply put, you are a biker who travels a lot and needs transport you are familiar with.

Depending on your needs, you should be able to find a motorcycle rental platform that suits you best from these four options.