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Turo is a highly popular car sharing platform because it offers an alternative to commercial rentals, allowing for peer-to-peer bookings. However, this means Turo hosts will need to decide on delivery locations for pick up and drop off. If you're looking for ways to park your Turo cars, we're here to help! 

Many Turo hosts park their vehicles in secure parking lots for pick-up. This can even be done at certain airports. However, hosts will need to pay any parking fees linked to pick-up and drop-off. Many Turo hosts prefer to use free parking with a lockbox, while others let guests decide the location. 

In this article, we'll be outlining four different ideas for Turo hosts when parking their vehicles. However, before we do this, it's imperative to consider how Turo delivery works and the company's requirements. When it comes down to parking your car on Turo, this is what hosts need to know!  

How Does Turo Drop-Off & Pick-Up Work? 

Turo is the go-to platform for many people worldwide for peer-to-peer vehicle rentals. Of course, peer-to-peer rentals differ from those bookings made with a commercial host. For commercial rentals, vehicles are typically picked up at a branch. 

However, hosts need to arrange for their vehicle's drop-off and pick-up with peer-to-peer rentals. When setting the delivery fee on a listing, Turo hosts will need to factor in the cost of dropping off and picking up their Turo car. For this reason, they need to know how they'll do this exactly. 

While Turo hosts can alter their delivery locations, this is not available for pending or booked trips. Finding the right drop-off and pick-up methods can seem frustrating at times. If you’re looking for ways to park your Turo vehicles as a host, we’re here to help!

However, before we outline different options for parking your Turo vehicles, we need to look at Turo's requirements regarding delivery. After all, this will determine your limitations when it comes to parking Turo cars. 

Turo's Vehicle Delivery Requirements 

Turo has specific delivery requirements that need to be met by hosts. Understanding these regulations is crucial when deciding on your car delivery locations. Before we look at the best parking ideas for Turo vehicles, let's look at Turo's requirements for hosts. 

When a parking fee is charged at a delivery location, Turo hosts must disclose this information. Furthermore, they will need to cover the costs of this parking fee. When hosts fail to do this, Turo will refund the parking fee to the guest and deduct this amount from your earnings

Any fuel used to deliver a vehicle to the pick-up point may not be charged to guests. This regulation also applies to fuel used when picking up a car from the scheduled drop-off point. Turo hosts may also not ask guests for a ride once the vehicle has been delivered. 

When selecting your delivery locations for drop-off and pick-up, the above considerations need to be kept in mind. Luckily, we have a few fantastic ideas as to how Turo hosts can park their cars for delivery. Read on as we look at this! 

4 Ideas For Parking Your Turo Cars 

If you're looking for ideas to park your Turo cars, here are the four best methods to consider! 

#1: Using A Secure Parking Bay/Lot  

One of the most widely used delivery methods for Turo cars is using secure parking lots or bays. Insurance coverage when dropping off or picking up may vary between regions. Due to this, many hosts use safe parking lots to prevent damage or theft during the delivery process. 

If you use this delivery option, then you will need to cover the cost of parking. You could arrange to reimburse the guest for this fee. However, many hosts choose to leave the correct parking fee in the car itself. When a trip has been completed, it's simple for guests to deliver the vehicle to the same parking lot again. 

#2: Using Free Parking With A Lockbox 

As we've established above, Turo hosts need to cover any parking fees associated with dropping a car off for a guest's trip. Many Turo hosts opt to use open parking areas to avoid these fees. Hosts will also need to consider how the keys will be accessed. 

Hosts can remotely unlock a car with many vehicles via the Turo app. For vehicles parked in open parking areas, this may not be ideal. Instead, Turo suggests using a lockbox. This also promotes socially distanced delivery options for guests. 

Once a guest has verified their identity using the app, you'll be able to provide them with a code to a lockbox to retrieve the keys. Once a trip has been completed, the guest can put the keys back into the locker for you to collect afterward. 

#3: Delivering To An Airport

A more convenient delivery option is to leave your car at the airport. This arrangement is perfect for guests who are flying in and looking for a rental car. While this is convenient, the host will need to cover any parking fees. Hosts will also need to ensure they're not delivering the car to an airport where there are delivery restrictions

#4: Letting Your Guest Decide 

Turo hosts will need to cover any costs of parking their cars for delivery or pick up. Due to this, you might as well discuss the delivery situation with your guest to find the best solution for both your needs. This can help hosts build a rapport with their guests and stand out on this peer-to-peer platform! 


There are many options for Turo hosts when parking their cars. Of course, the method that is used needs to adhere to Turo's regulations for vehicle delivery. In this article, we outlined four parking ideas that are in line with Turo's policy. From using a secure barking bay to let your guest decide, there are many different options to choose from as a Turo host!