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Zipcar is a car sharing and sharing service founded in the year 2000. This unique rental concept is a popular and convenient option for those needing a vehicle. Most people rent a Zipcar for an hour or two or maybe even a day, but is it possible to rent it for multiple days?

Zipcar has overnight and multi-day rates for those looking to use a Zipcar for a more extended period. You can book a Zipcar for multiple days through the Zipcar app. However, there are some restrictions on the number of miles you can drive before incurring additional charges.

Zipcar rental includes many benefits like insurance and 365 breakdown assistance. Zipcar also includes an impressive 180 miles of travel and fuel per 24 hours. So it makes sense that you could use Zipcar for multiple days. Zipcar also offers a range of different vehicles, including an economy range, SUV, luxury vehicle, and a van, so no matter what type of occasion you need a Zipcar for, you know you’re covered.

Can You Rent A Zip Car For Multiple Days?

According to the Zipcar website, you can rent a Zipcar for just an hour up to 14 days per trip. When booking a trip via the Zipcar app or online, you’ll choose the type of trip, the vehicle, and the duration of your trip.

Zipcar trips come in the following options:

  • 1-hour errand
  • One-day road trip
  • 3-hour shopping trip
  • Two-day weekend getaway

Your trip is covered for 60 miles per day or 180 miles per 24 hours, but after that, an additional charge will apply for longer distances.

You'll need to sign up for a membership to rent a Zipcar for multiple days. A monthly membership costs $9 per month, with driving rates from $10 per hour to $83 per day. The annual membership plan costs $90 per year, and the driving rates are $10 per hour and $83 per day.

What’s The Longest I Can Rent A Zipcar?

There is only one restriction when renting a Zipcar for multiple days; it can't be booked for more than 14 days in one booking. However, once the 14-day booking expires, you can make another booking for additional days.

Beyond this, there aren't restrictions on how many times you can book a Zipcar.

Can I Rent A Zipcar For Multiple Days Once A Trip Ends?

Once your original booking and trip have ended, you can make a new booking for multiple days, provided that your booking does not exceed 14 days.

Zipcar is available in many locations, and bookings can be made up to a year in advance. So if you need a Zipcar for more than one trip, it’s easy to book upcoming trips and reserve your Zipcar by planning ahead.

Is It Possible To Extend A Zipcar Trip?

You can extend your Zipcar trip if you are running late or need more time to run errands. You can extend your Zipcar trip in three ways.

  1. Contact the Zipcar Member Services Team. To extend your Zipcar trip or report running late, you can contact the Zipcar member services team on 1 (866) 494-7227.
  2. Extend your Zipcar booking via SMS. To extend your Zipcar trip via SMS, you'll need to activate SMS notifications via your member login section when logging on to the Zipcar website. Once set up, you will receive reminders regarding when your booking will end. You will also receive notifications if someone makes a booking right after yours. To extend your booking, you can text the SMS service and say how much you'd like to extend your trip.
  3. Extend your Zipcar booking via the app. Extending your trip via the app is probably the easiest way to extend your trip. All you have to do is select the date and time boxes on the scroll wheel. You can then choose change reservation, and if it has been successfully changed, it will be displayed in orange, and there will be a message on your screen stating ‘reservation updated.'

Is Zipcar Rental Good For A Long Trip?

Zipcar is better for day or hourly trips but is not ideal for long trips. With Zipcar, you can use 60 miles per day and 180 miles per 24 hours. If you're driving a longer distance than this, the additional fees of $0.58 per mile can start to add up when you're driving long distances.

Although you can rent a Zipcar for a couple of days (or a month), the concept of Zipcar isn't meant for long-distance driving. However, it's not the worst option if you have no other option than to use a Zipcar and you’ve budgeted for the extra mileage costs.

FAQs About Renting Zipcar For Multiple Days

You may still have unanswered questions about hiring a Zipcar for multiple days. Some of these may include if there are any restrictions on how far a Zipcar can go. And if there is a fine if a Zipcar is returned late. These common questions will be answered below.

Are There Restrictions On How Far A Zipcar Can Go?

According to the Zipcar website, there are no limits on how far you can go with your Zipcar, but there are restrictions on the amount of mileage that is covered before extra charges are incurred. For example, 180 miles are included for 24 hours, and each mile after that will be charged at $0.58 per mile.

Is There A Fine If A Zipcar Is Returned Late?

If you return your Zipcar late, there is a fee of $50 per hour (until a maximum of $150), including extra fees for using the Zipcar during the time you went over your booking. Another fine you should be aware of is the gas fee. If the Zipcar is returned with less than ¼ tank of gas, you will be charged a $30 fine.

Do I Get Refunded If I Return The Zipcar Early After A Trip?

There is an option to return your Zipcar early, but you won’t be refunded for this as the next member that booked won’t be able to use the Zipcar you rented until the end of your reservation. But returning a Zipcar a bit earlier is better than returning it late and incurring a fine.


Renting a Zipcar for multiple days is possible if your reservation does not exceed 14 days. Zipcar is not meant to be booked for long trips or extended periods, and it is the most feasible car rental option when used for an hour or a day.