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If you are unemployed and need to apply for unemployment benefits, and your previous or current job is being a DoorDash driver, you might wonder how to fill in the address since DoorDash is a remote job that works through an app. DoorDash has a head office address that you can put for unemployment purposes. 

When filling out details for unemployment, the address for DoorDash is as follows: 901 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA. Any other workplace address requested should be your home since being a dasher is a remote job where you are considered self-employed. 

Being a DoorDash driver and self-employed does not mean you do not have to state it when applying for unemployment benefits. You could get into trouble if the government discovers you have withheld information. Ensuring that you put the name, address, and other required information for your current DoorDash job is recommended. 

DoorDash Address For Unemployment 

When applying for unemployment funds, you must fill in a pool of information. Expectedly, your current or previous employment details are crucial. If you are unemployed and DoorDash was your last work, or you are currently working as a dasher, you will probably wonder what address to fill in since DoorDash is a remote job that works through online foundations. 

DoorDash has over 100 addresses worldwide; for other requirements, you can use the address closest to your location. In the US, the main address should be used for essential information like unemployment purposes.

Use this DoorDash headquarters address when you need to apply for unemployment: 

901 Market Street 

Suite 600 

San Francisco 




Do You Mention DoorDash When Applying For Unemployment? 

People are typically confused about keying in DoorDash as a business or employment because it is an independent contractor job. Being a DoorDash driver means you are self-employed. Many dashers say that it does not count or need to be mentioned as it could affect the outcome of receiving unemployment benefits. 

It is, however, recommended that you always state your current DoorDash position because if the government somehow finds out that you withheld the information or lied on your application, you may face troubles like denial or fines. You could also be blacklisted from applying for unemployment or other benefits in the future. 

This also applies when filing tax statements and other requirements by the government. As a dasher, you must keep track of your earnings and report them when and where necessary. 

Is A Parttime DoorDash Job Considered A Business? 

DoorDash is technically not considered a job since DoorDash does not employ you. Dashers are self-employed and independent contractors. The income you receive from DoorDash is regarded as business income. That means working as a DoorDash driver part-time or full-time is still considered a business, and it must be stated for unemployment with the correct address for fact-checking. 

Is DoorDash Deliveries An Employment? 

Remember that since DoorDash is an independent business, you will not be considered employed and therefore you should not fear being denied unemployment benefits. If DoorDash is the only work you have and the information and income you receive from it add up and work out according to the requirements for receiving unemployment funds, you shouldn’t have any issues. 


There is no need to be confused or concerned when applying for unemployment with a DoorDash business. Ensure that you mention being a DoorDash delivery driver and fill in the headquarters address stated above.