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Uber is a famous drive-and-deliver service that assists you in getting in touch with drivers and requesting a ride to your destination. Once a driver accepts your ride request, the app will give you an estimated time of the driver's arrival. This transport service, used almost worldwide, makes millions of dollars every year, but which customer has paid the most for an uber ride? What is the most expensive uber ride? 

The most expensive uber ride ever cost $5,500, and the famous YouTube star, MrBeast, holds the record for the most costly and longest uber ride ever. Like most YouTubers, MrBeast took this ride for entertainment and publicity purposes, as well as an advertising stunt for his sponsor, Quidd. 

Would you ever take a $5,500 cross-country Uber ride share trip, and do you think drivers will always accept such long journeys? Read on to get further detail of MrBeast’s incredible Uber journey! As an added bonus, I put together four other longest Uber rides. 

The Most Expensive Uber Ride Ever

MrBeast, a well-known Youtuber famous for participating in extravagant stunts for entertainment, holds the record for the longest and the most expensive Uber ride ever (much more than a 20-minute Uber) . Not only did it cost him a whopping $5,500, but he also gave the driver, Anthony, a hefty tip for his impeccable service. 

Before accepting the “challenge,” Anthony discussed it with his wife because the trip lasted several days. Luckily, the driver is a commercial truck driver, so he was used to driving long distances. 

Anthony took MrBeast from North Carolina all the way across the country to Los Angeles, California. The whole journey took 39 hours and 2,259 miles. It is safe to say that Anthony, the driver, made a ton of commission for MrBeast’s trip, and this is after Uber deducted their gas, tolls, and additional fees. 

MrBeast’s YouTube subscribers surely enjoyed watching this over-the-top challenge, well, if the 39 million views on the video are anything to go by. Obviously, it would have been much quicker, practical, and less costly to fly by plane or bord the train, but this was a publicity, entertainment, and advertising stunt for his sponsor, Quidd. 

The rider, Anthony, got a lot of attention afterward, and I am certain Quidd was more than happy with the exposure MrBeast got them. This shows us that people will go to extreme lengths for entertainment and views. 

Not many Uber drivers would be willing to make a 39-hour drive across the country. For some Uber drivers, long trips are unfavorable (and they hate Uber Pool) because once they drop off the passenger at their destination, they will not have another passenger to drive back, meaning the rider will lose the time it takes to drive back. 

The chances are that drivers will accept an Uber request if the trip is average-length. It will not be as tiring as longer journeys. Average-length rides with the certainty of a return passenger and a good fare work best for some riders. 

We often take these drivers for granted and overlook the time and effort it takes to assist various clients, satisfy them with their services, and ensure that they do not do something that might tarnish Uber's brand. It is not every day you find an Uber rider willing to journey 2,259 miles away from his home.  

Other Expensive Uber Rides Recorded

MrBeast is not the only customer willing to pay a thumping amount of money for an Uber ride. Here are a few more customers that nearly came close to breaking MrBeast’s record: 

Joe Strandell 

Joe Strandell drove his passenger from Santa Barbara, California, to Palo Alto, California. A 320-mile drive that lasted five hours. At first, he could not believe the passenger was serious but later learned that she had taken an Uber ride to Santa Barbara as well. 

The driver was more than willing to assist the woman and made a $658 profit on the ride. Soon tiredness kicked in, and Joe decided that instead of driving back home, he would stay overnight in an Airbnb and tour Hearst Castle the following day. 

Brent Pfieffer

Brent Pfieffer decided to take on the 650 miles and 11 hour trip from Dallas, Texas, to Nashville, Tennessee, with three tourists from Hong Kong, China. Initially, their flight got delayed, and they were in such a rush to make it on time for a very important meeting; their only choice was to book an Uber ride. 

Pfieffer made around $800! He described the trip as fun and had great conversations with the three travelers. 

Janis Rogers

64-year old Janis Rogers drove her passenger from Williamsburg, VA, to Brooklyn, New York. The ride was 397-miles and seven hours and forty-two minutes long without breaks! She drove a young woman who needed a ride to her boyfriend's home in Brooklyn, New York. 

The entire journey cost the woman $294,04, but Janis Rogers did not make much profit after gas and tolls were deducted. Unfortunately, the young lady she helped did not leave her any tip! Rogers only made about $9 profit per hour. 

Another Long Uber Ride Worth Mentioning

Another one that is worth mentioning is the 360 miles and six-hour journey a passenger requested from Johannesburg, Gauteng to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Calculated by referring to Uber’s standard rates, the cost of the trip must have almost been between $272 to $630. 


Do you have more than $5,500 to spend to break MrBeast’s record? Thanks to Anthony, MrBeast made a successful trip and got to impress his sponsor, Quidd, and subscribers on his YouTube channel. The trip took 39 hours and 2,259 miles! Luckily, MrBeast awarded Anthony for the tiring journey by leaving him a hefty tip as a thank you. 

Most drivers would not be as excited to drive long distances, but Joe Strandell, Brent Pfieffer, Janis Rogers, and the South African Uber rider proved that long journey Uber rides are not as uncommon as we think. These drivers are now well-known for their impeccable service! What do you say? Let us see if you can beat MrBeast for the most expensive Uber ride ever.