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Uber is a worldwide known name that represents the first ride share app company, and they used to represent the biggest part of this sector. However, many other ride-sharing companies, such as Lyft, Side-Car, and Zipcar, have surfaced over the last couple of years. With all these options available, customers want the best value for their money. Is Zipcar or Uber cheaper?

Zipcar is cheaper than Uber if you need to use their cars a few times weekly for short periods. On average, a Zipcar membership will cost $1,236 yearly, while Uber will cost $8,971.20 yearly. It then becomes clear that buying a car is cheaper than using Uber, costing you about $7,805 yearly.

Although both Uber and Zipcar are notorious companies, they each have their own benefits in different situations. Continue reading with us as we compare Zipcar and Uber to help you get the best value for money regarding your traveling needs!

Zipcar Vs. Uber Pricing

Zipcar is known as a car-sharing service, which means you can drive several vehicles which will generally be located close to you, and you never have to own a car.

Zipcar prices their vehicles based on different rental packages, such as daily and hourly.

Regarding Uber's pricing, several data points go into the calculation, and the user will receive an upfront price.

An upfront price is based mainly on the estimated duration and length of the trip. These estimates could vary significantly on real-world factors, such as traffic.

Factors To Consider When Using Zipcar

Although there are different packages, you will have to pay them a fixed monthly fee, and before you are cleared to drive a car, your identity and driving record will be checked and verified, which could take a few hours.

Zipcar gives their clients the freedom to hire a vehicle of their choice when it suits them, without the clients having to be concerned about the extra responsibilities of owning their own vehicle. This includes parking fees, insurance, and maintenance.

However, Zipcar is not as quick and streamlined as Uber regarding their membership signup. This means that if you are in an emergency and you desperately need a ride, you will need to wait longer for Zipcar than you would wait for Uber.

However, once you have been approved to Zipcar's server, you can make your bookings immediately!

Although Zipcar is an excellent approach o modern car-sharing platforms, they have some grey areas and are not entirely transparent at first glance.

Users need to be aware of the fine print components, such as the rule of refueling the vehicle if you return it with less than a quarter of a tank. Additionally, there are caps on how far you drive with the vehicle daily.

Factors To Consider When Using Uber

Uber started back in 2012, and they have only gained more and more popularity over the years. Uber is one of the best platforms to use if you cannot drive a car due to medical reasons or any reason you may not possess a driver's license.

 The people who drive for Uber receive reviews from previous passengers, which means you, as the client, will get an accurate idea of what to expect from each driver. Every Uber driver must follow specific rules and regulations and adhere to Uber standards.

Moreover, an Uber driver will always be in or close to your area, so you will likely be collected within a few minutes of ordering your ride.

This makes Uber highly user-friendly and accessible to everyone, making it possible for you to order a ride only using your smartphone.

Additionally, Uber allows their clients to make payments through card, which means you never have to worry about having cash with you.

When Is Zipcar Cheaper Than Uber?

If you need to attend a meeting or a job interview, you may only have a one-hour window to get to the specific location, which means time is of the essence! If you order an Uber, you must consider the pick up time and how the driver will handle the traffic.

After the meeting, you need to arrange your pickup and drop-off again. When you drive with Zipcar, you can merely pick up the vehicle, get to your meeting, drive off and park the car again. in this case, Zipcar would be cheaper and more convenient.

Let's look at more examples when using Zipcar would be your best choice to save money:

Zipcar Is Cheaper When It Comes To Long Trips

Uber may be much more expensive than Zipcar if you need to take a long trip, which could be anywhere more than 90 miles away. Uber's rate is about $0.90 per mile, which means you will pay them a total of over $200 for both ways. This excludes their per-minute fees.

If you choose Zipcar, you will only pay about $80 for the car for the whole day, which means you will be saving money, and you will drive on your own terms.

Zipcar Is Cheaper If You Need To Make Stops

If you need to make multiple stops on your way to your destination, such as picking up friends or family members, Uber can become very expensive very quickly.

Uber will then calculate the cost of each stop, which will run up your costs significantly. Zipcar will be your best and cheapest option if you must make several stops.

When Is Uber Cheaper Than Zipcar?

Sometimes, it may not be worth it to pay the daily rate of Zipcar if you don't need the car for the entire day. Let's look at when it may save you a few bucks to make use of Uber's services:

Uber Is Cheaper If You Need A One-Way Trip

Since you usually need to return a Zipcar vehicle to where you found it (but you don't have to), Uber would be cheaper in terms of gas if you only plan a one-way trip.

Uber Is Cheaper To Sign Up For

When you need to sign up for Zipcar, it's a much longer and more expensive procedure than with Uber. While you need to pay to sign up for Zipcar, signing up for Uber is free and quick to do.


With so many ride-sharing apps available, it could become challenging to determine which one would give you the best value for money. If you want the cheapest trip, Zipcar should be your number one choice, especially if you need to make a few weekly trips!