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So, you're curious about DoorDash's operating hours and whether you can get that special treat on holidays like Christmas Day or Easter. Well, have no fear; we’ve got you covered so you’ll never be left in the dark!

DoorDash as a delivery service is reliable on the operating hours of restaurants in your area, the number of drivers, and orders being placed, so it may or not be open on Christmas and Easter. Therefore, always check beforehand and have an alternative meal available just in case.

If you’re hungry and dying to figure out which days DoorDash is open, then you should read this comprehensive guide to be in the know-how.

On What Days Is DoorDash Open

As DoorDash as an online service is merely a food delivery app service, it is entirely reliant on the opening and closing hours of the restaurants in nearby areas that use DoorDash’s service. It also depends on the number of drivers in the vicinity willing to take orders at the time.

Therefore, you can only sometimes expect the same number of options on special holidays and weekends. This also goes for late and early orders. Even though DoorDash is technically available all day, most restaurants stop taking orders at around 10 or 11 pm.

Whether you can place an order on holiday depends on how many people want to order when you want to. 

If you live in a small-sized town or the suburbs, you will only have a little luck ordering past then. Still, for those living in large cities with 24-hour restaurants, you can usually order up to 4 in the morning if drivers are available. 

However, it's essential to acknowledge that DoorDash is open most of the year. Still, you can't expect the restaurant variety to always be consistent. For example, many folks prepare their own meals during the festive season, and restaurant owners also prefer to stay home. 

Therefore, if you’re relying on DoorDash for a meal on a holiday, it’s best to make a backup meal or visit a smaller, family-owned restaurant instead of a franchise restricted by corporate-mandated operating hours.

But, have no fear, as the days on which DoorDash operates depend on the restaurants. Some might be closed on holidays like:

  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Christmas

Some restaurants are also reduced to pick-ups of orders. However, many will remain open, albeit with reduced operating hours.

As a bonus, occasionally restaurants will provide reduced prices, specials, and free delivery due to the reduced demand from the public on holidays and higher delivery costs. This is with the exception of Valentine's Day, when most people prefer to eat out instead of staying at home.

What To Do If DoorDash Is Closed

If DoorDash isn’t yielding any available options on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other big holiday, you should prepare something beforehand. If you’re insistent on not cooking, look for local food trucks, small eateries, and coffee shops that might still be open.


So, now that you’ve been informed about the operating hours of DoorDash and on which days it’s open, which can include Christmas and Easter, you’ll hopefully be able to plan your meals a bit better!