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To help combat the ever-increasing and evolving fraudulent schemes, DoorDash can require you to verify your authenticity with another card. This two-factor authentication does help bolster your account's security. Still, it can also be frustrating to complete without the proper know-how.

To verify your DoorDash account with another card, you follow the same steps you've used to add or update your primary card. Add a secondary card through the app's “Payment Methods” or “Add Payment Method” and fill in the required card information and CVC.

This notification that requests you to prove your very being without provocation can be confusing for people with only a single credit card. This quick guide should help you maneuver this difficult time in your DoorDash experience because knowing it is a doorstep closer to someone's stomach having reprieve. 

Why Does DoorDash Require Verification Of Another Card?

DoorDash uses multifactor authentication to help safeguard your account from potential infiltration by malicious third parties. 

DoorDash will periodically ask you to prove your identity through a six-digit code. They'll send this code over text or email or through your current chagrin to verify another card with the same billing address.

As with the text and email verification, DoorDash's app and web users require separate steps to DoorDash verify with another card. 

Moving on, you can read this secondary card verification process as a request to update your credit card information. 

Verifying Credit Card Information On DoorDash App

Sign in to your DoorDash account on the app if you were logged out when you opened it. 

  1. Locate the circular icon on the top-left of your screen that has a figure resembling a person's headshot 
  2. iPhone users should now click “Payment” or “Payment Methods” for Android users
  3. Here, the screen should be divided into “Saved Payment Method” and “Add Payment Method” sections
  4. Navigate to the latter and click “Credit/ Debit Card.” 
  5. Follow the prompts and enter all the required information

Verifying Credit Card Information On DoorDash Web

Website users must log in to the DoorDash website by signing in to their account. Once signed in, 

  1. Click on the three stacked lines on the left corner of their laptop screen.
  2. Press the “Payment” tab with the dollar symbol on the account menu list that appears running down the left side of your screen
  3. On the “Payment Methods” screen, click on the “Credit/ Debit Card” arrow and add the required credit card information

DoorDash Verification Tips And Tricks Without Second Card

For single-card holders, you might get away with not adding a card you don't have. Get the verification notification from your DoorDash app. You might receive the option to rescan your original card and verify it again.

For users with access to DoorDash web on their laptops, you can delete all credit card information, restart your phone, and add your credit card information again. 

As this is an older workaround, you'll still need to borrow someone else's credit card to add because you can't delete your existing card without having a different card serving as a payment method. You can delete the borrowed card once you've deleted and readded your original card.

Alternatively, you can use Apple Pay for your orders without registering any card if you're an iPhone.


Try not to be confused by DoorDash's secondary card verification request because it's easily solvable by proceeding as if you're updating your payment information. Contact DoorDash support if you've exhausted this guide's avenues.