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Zipcar is a car-sharing service founded in the 2000s, and over the last two decades, they have grown exponentially! They have shifted their focus on providing an easy-to-use platform for users in most large metropolitan cities. How do you find Zipcar locations?

You can find Zipcar locations through your confirmational Email, as well as through their app. Zipcar is available in Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Diego, and Washington, DC. Different Zipcar locations have different rates, especially if you need to drive long distances.

If you have a reservation with Zipcar, you can pick up your vehicle from a specific location, use it for as long as you need, and return it to a specific location once again. Continue reading as we go through how you can find Zipcar locations to make your next trip even more accessible!

How To Find Your Zipcar Location

After making your reservation with Zipcar, you will head to the predetermined pickup location.

Upon your arrival, you won't need to worry about filling in any paperwork or conducting any inspections of your desired vehicle.

Instead, you will scan your Zipcard on a key code reader, which allows you to unlock and sign into the car. You are then allowed to use the vehicle as you need for the agreed-upon amount of time.

Zipcar has grown significantly over the last couple of years, and you can use their search tool to find Zipcar locations in your area!

How To Find Your Zipcar Through Email Confirmation

If you have made your reservation for a roundup trip, Zipcar will always send you a confirmation via Email.

The Email will have all the needed information, answers to any questions you may have, and directions to your vehicle's dedicated bay.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, it is most likely due to your notification preferences not being set.

You can also see your booking confirmation and any information at any time from the “my reservations” section under the tab “my stuff.”

How To Find Your Zipcar Through Their App

If you urgently need to check the location of your Zipcar, the best and quickest way would be to search using their app. For Roudupts, click on “My Trips” and select the pickup location.

You will then go to a page where you can see more details on the vehicle, including images of the street the bay is on, a map of its location, and the postal code.

If you want to open the location in your maps, you can simply select “Send to maps,” and it will open up for you to use the maps on your smartphone to find it!

Zipcar Locations And Rates In Each Location

Zipcar is available in many locations, making it almost effortless for users to drive from city to city and drop their vehicle at a specific bay.

Unfortunately, Zipcar hasn't existed in the United States yet, but its services are available in many Canadian cities!

Let's take a closer look at Zipcar's locations and how these locations will make your life easier when pickup up or dropping off your vehicle:


Pickup and drop-off locations in Toronto are a bit scarce, but they are developing and growing in the area rapidly. This makes it easy for you to explore the city on your own terms, allowing you to see things such as the Mono Cliffs.

The hourly rates in Toronto start at $12, which is much cheaper than other car sharing services, and you are not forced to use the car and pay for a full day.

San Francisco

No matter where you're traveling, Zipcar in San Francisco covers you wherever you go. San Francisco is one of the most prominent Zipcar locations, and they offer Zipcar's services for as little as $11 an hour.

Los Angeles

The traffic conditions in Los Angeles are awful, which discourages most people from owning their own vehicles.

This is why Zipcar does so well in Los Angeles, and whenever you find yourself in a pinch, you can use their Zipcar services. The Zipcar rates in Los Angeles are also highly affordable, starting at prices as low as $9 per hour.


Zipcar was founded in Massachusetts, Cambridge, so it's no surprise to see that they offer their services in the Boston area.

Zipcar offers a wide range of services, and you will easily find hundreds of pickup locations in Boston.

Their Boston location is also unique, as they are the only city where Zipcar allows one-way trip reservations! Zipcar fares in the Boston area start at as low as $11 per hour.

New York

If you live in New York, chances are, you will never need or want your own car! However, sometimes you may need to take a day trip to another city or head for a weekend trip away.

In this case, a New York Zipcar will be your best friend. Unfortunately, renting a Zipcar in New York could become a bit more expensive, with their rates starting at $12 per hour.

San Diego

Thanks to Zipcar, you can spend the day taking a trip or driving up the coast by using their many Zipcar locations. Zipcar offers its services to its users for as little as $10 per hour.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that Zipcar will not allow you to take its vehicles across international borders, which means you will not be able to take your car from San Diego south into Mexico.

Washington DC

You will find numerous Zipcar locations throughout the Washington DC area, and you'll be able to book a vehicle for the affordable price of as little as $10 in the city!


It may become stressful if you're urgently looking for a Zipcar location, but it doesn't have to be! There are many ways to look for a Zipcar location closest to you, either via your confirmational Email, the app, or using their search tool. Zipcar makes traveling easier for anyone at the most cost-effective rates!