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In 2020 DoorDash made up 45% of food delivery orders in the US. This food delivery company is safe to use, and its drivers are trustworthy; overall, they have great reviews and ratings. Drivers work hard to earn a few bucks by delivering food to the comfort of your home, so how much should you tip when you order DoorDash? 

You should tip DoorDash between 15% and 20% of your total bill. This is the typical tipping guideline used in restaurants. Tipping is not required, but it is polite to tip when you receive excellent service. You can tip the DoorDash driver on the application or cash upon delivery (in-person). 

Nowadays, everything is done online, and it is much easier to have your lunch or supper delivered to you with the tap of a button. DoorDash drivers must work quickly to get your order to you, so how much should you tip them for their services? Read through this quick guide to find out. 

How Much Should You Tip When You Order DoorDash? 

A general rule of thumb is to tip food delivery drivers the same percentage as you would waiters and waitresses at a restaurant or diner, between 15% and 20%. Customers are not obliged to tip Dashers As per the DoorDash tipping policy; however, it is common courtesy to tip DoorDash drivers no matter how big or small as a thank you for their services. 

Dashers depend on the tips they earn. Many do the job because they need to support their family and make a living. Dashers are independent contractors, so they are responsible for gas and car insurance on their vehicles, which already cost them a hefty amount. Some DoorDash delivery drivers pocket below minimum wage in some areas. They usually earn an hourly wage of around $11 before tips. 

Tipping is especially good when you use a promotion code on the DoorDash app. You saved a few dollars on your order, so why not add a bit more to your driver’s tip? 

Ultimately, the tipping amount should reflect the Dasher's quality of service. Some customers tipped 10% or less when they experienced an issue with the customer service. For example, their food never arrived when it states on the app that it did, the food was clearly meddled with, or the driver's actions and behavior were rude and unpleasant. 

Issues arising from the restaurant, like unavailability of items or badly cooked food, must not influence your Dasher's tip since this was completely out of their hands. I always tip DoorDash drivers around 20% if my Dasher was on time, communicative, kind, and efficient, particularly when it is a large order that they must carry to my front door. 

Do DoorDash Drivers Know If You Tip? 

Drivers on DoorDash can see if you did or did not tip when they deliver your food and leave your home, meaning Dashers will be able to view their total earnings (base wage and tip) once they have completed the delivery. 

The base wage is already low, so your tips can increase their earnings tenfold. The tips matter!

DoorDash changed its policy for tipping, and Dashers can now see beforehand how much a customer will tip DoorDash drivers once they deliver their order. If the tip is too low or there is no tip at all, the driver can decide not to accept the delivery. Customers can also decide if they want to tip the Dasher in cash upon delivery. 

A survey distributed by US Foods determined that a $4 tip is a fair minimum amount for a delivery driver. Both delivery drivers and customers agreed with the minimum tip amount. It is affordable for customers, and drivers had no problem with the $4 as they felt their delivery trip was worth the effort. 

Once again, the total tip depends on how large your order is and the customer service of the Dasher. 

Do Dashers Prefer To Be Tipped In Cash Or Via The App? 

Many Dashers prefer to be tipped in cash upon delivery. It is ideal for them since they receive the cash on top of the order minimum instead of as part of it. Tipping in cash puts money in the driver's pocket right away, so there is no need to wait for their tipping pay-out, and it can increase the total amount the driver earns. 

Another advantage of tipping in cash is that the driver does not need to report the tip; thus, they will not get taxed on the tip. 

What Happens If Customers Do Not Tip DoorDash? 

Dashers will still receive a remuneration if customers do not tip but only in certain situations. For example, DoorDash promised the Dasher a tip of $11 for order delivery, and the customer did not tip; DoorDash would pay the Dasher $11.

However, if the customer tips $5 in the app, DoorDash will add $6, so the driver can still receive a tip of $11. 

Do You Have To Tip DoorDash For Pick-Up Orders? 

DoorDash pick-up is convenient for customers who want to fetch their food themselves, so you will not pay any kind of delivery fee or wait for delivery. When customers place an order for DoorDash pick-up, they can decide whether they want to leave a tip for the restaurant. 

If you have change lying around, support your favorite local restaurant by leaving the staff a tip when you pick up your order. To place an order for pick-up through the app is pretty simple. 

Select the pick-up option at the top of the screen and go through the restaurants that offer orders for pick-up. The app will show you how long your order will take and when it is ready for pick-up. 

Pick-up orders come at no additional cost to the customers, but DoorDash does charge the restaurants between 10% and 25% of the subtotal for pick-up. This is because DoorDash receives lower commission rates for pick-up orders than they do for delivery orders.


DoorDash drivers should receive a tip of at least 15% to 20% for delivery. The same tipping guideline incorporated in restaurants for waiters and waitresses is implemented for Dashers. Tips are a considerable part of their earnings, and we should be mindful of the effort it takes to deliver your order to you, especially when it is a larger food delivery order. 

Like all drivers working for these companies, Dashers have to fill their gas tank ensure their vehicles themselves since they are independent contractors. While it is courteous to give the driver a few dollars for the delivery, the ultimate amount depends on how their customer service is.