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Both Hopper and Turo are wonderful companies that can help you with all your travel needs. Are you wondering if Hopper and Turo can offer you the same services?

Hopper is known as a travel deal app. Hopper will notify its users of the lowest possible rates on car rentals, flights, and hotels. When it comes to Turo they are known as one of the biggest car-sharing marketplaces. They offer their customers rental car services and driving services.

Are you wondering if Hopper and Turo’s services are close to each other? Continue reading as we discuss these trustworthy companies in-depth, and determine which one will suit your needs best!

Hopper Vs. Turo: A Direct Comparison

Turo is known as a highly popular car sharing service. They typically compete against other car-sharing service brands such as Zipcar, Lyft, and Uber. Turo users rent their cars directly from local car owners in their area. 

The owners of the cars have the option to either set their own car rental rates or they can allow Turo to set their car’s price based on local data. 

Turo has one of the best brand recognition, offering much more frequent promotions and discounts than Hopper. 

When you’re planning a trip, looking at prices for your flights, hotels, and rental car services could quickly become exhausting! Luckily, there are what seems like endless apps on the market that can help you find some amazing deals quickly and easily. 

This is where Hopper comes in. The goal of Hopper is to make traveling easy for everyone, so downloading this app will be one of the best choices you can make for traveling. Hopper is known as an app that works to find the best possible deals on hotels and flights for their customers. 

Turo Services

Customers can make reservations through Turo’s website, or they can make use of the mobile app. They have the choice to set their preferred pick-up dates and times to suit their plans accordingly. 

Owners will deliver the cars to the agreed-upon locations around the town or to nearby airports to exchange keys. This ultimate provides travelers with the luxury to pick up the vehicle in their rented vehicles at a location that suits their needs best. 

Depending on the vehicle the customer wants to rent, insurance is provided from either the private car owner or Turo. Car owners have the choice to include of many miles they want to include per trip. This can either be a monthly, weekly, or daily limit. 

Turo also provides renters with 24/7 roadside assistance in case of emergencies. In addition to the private car owner’s rental rates, each renter will be charged a trip fee, which usually varies on the location. 

The car owner may also require the renter to pay for post-trip costs, such as tolls and cleaning services. Renters have to pay for their own gas.

Hopper Services

The free Hopper app predicts with up to 95% accuracy when hotel and flight prices will go up and down. This allows you, as the traveler, to book at the lowest rate. Trustworthy algorithms and AI programming are used to determine this. 

This means you can simply type the destination you want to travel to and the dates if you’re looking at a specific time. Then Hopper will notify you of when the best rates will become available. If you’re interested in the hotel rate or the flight fare, you have the option to book directly through the Hopper app. 

Hopper is incredibly popular, with over 60 million downloads. It has also attracted a load of investors, so this is not only a popular app but a trustworthy one too!

Pros Of Using Turo Services

Let’s take a look at the good things when it comes to booking a vehicle through Turo to help you with your decision on whether it will suit your traveling preferences:

Trustworthy Rental Car Service

Turo is known as one of the most popular car rental services, and if you travel a lot and you live near an airport, you are in luck! 

You will never have to wait long for a car, and you can rest assured that you will get the best deal possible. 

Turo’s App And Website Is Very User Friendly

Turo has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, which makes it both easy to navigate their site for bookings and messages. 

If you’re not good or familiar with technology, you will still be able to make a booking hassle-free!

Efficient Phone Support

Turo has fast and reliable phone support, and the line is open 24/7. Their phone support is for more common things, such as late returns or any questions about billing.

Pros Of Using Hopper Services

Now that you know the benefits of using Turo services, you may wonder what makes Hopper so different. Let’s take a look at the benefits when it comes to using Hopper:

Price Freeze Option

In addition to Hopper helping its customers to predict the pricing trends, you can also make use of the “freezing” option. This allows you, as the customer, to freeze a price or fare if you need more time to plan your trip. You can then return to the app later before the freeze expires and pay the rest of the fare. 

It is important to know that the freeze feature only applies to a specific flight you pay the deposit for. It is also worth noting that your deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to book the flight.

Hopper Is Great For Traveling On A Budget

Hopper can be the best app to scan for cheap flight options and hotels if you want to travel and you're on a tight budget. 

With this being said, many customer reviews have stated that it is the best app to use if you want to see the best possible rates and then to book directly through the hotels and airlines themselves. 

This will protect you as the customer if anything should happen where you immediately need to get in touch with customer service.

Hopper’s Phone App Makes Navigating Easy

If you’re a nervous traveler, you will find it very pleasing to hear that Hopper offers great service inside of their phone app, making it easy to check exactly where you’re going and when.


Now that you know what services Turo and Hopper have to offer, you may have an easier time telling the two of them apart. When you need to use a rental car during your travels, Turo will exceed your expectations. 

When it comes to checking for the most budget-friendly flights and stays, Hopper’s got you covered!