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DoorDash is an excellent food delivery service to use for its convenience. The delivery is relatively quick, the food is hot and fresh, and the drivers are friendly. As with every service, issues can arise. DoorDash sometimes gets stuck on preparing orders. It is frustrating, so what do you do when that happens?

If DoorDash is stuck preparing an order, you can contact the assigned driver, complain through the DoorDash app, cancel your order, pick it up yourself, or wait. Sometimes there is a delay when restaurants are busy, merchants forget to update their tablets, or a dasher has not been assigned.

Dashers and merchants can sometimes have an issue with the DoorDash app. Many factors like traffic, restaurants' peak times, location, and small tips can affect the status of your order. But you can do certain things to get it sorted and receive your order within due time.

What To Do When you see “DoorDash Stuck On Preparing Order”

It is always appreciated when you receive your DoorDash order speedily, especially food. While the DoorDash service is often pretty efficient, several factors can affect the status of your order. When you are tracking, and DoorDash is stuck on “preparing order”, you may wonder if your order is not ready, ready, and not picked up or if there is a glitch with the app. This isn't the same as the “bad gateway error” or 502, as that's usually just a network connection problem.

Regardless of the reason, your DoorDash order is stuck on preparation, here are steps to take to get it sorted:

Wait For A Few More Minutes

Most often, your status from DoorDash will be stuck on preparing the order because the merchant has not updated the status on their tablet. They could be busy, or the app could be having issues. The dasher is usually at the restaurant before your order is ready. Once they pick up and leave, they will update the status on the app, and you can track them.

Call The Assigned Dasher

Once your order is confirmed, and a dasher is assigned, you will get the driver's details. If your order is stuck on preparing for longer than expected, try to contact the dasher. They will let you know if they picked up the order or still waiting at the restaurant.

Contact The Merchant

If you can, try to contact the merchant from where you have placed your order. You will often speak to someone at the restaurant who will let you know they are swamped and still preparing your order. They might also tell you that the order is ready but has not been picked up. That sometimes happens no dasher has been assigned to your order.

Complain Through The DoorDash App

You can access help or complaints through the DoorDash app if your status is stuck on preparing an order. DoorDash will try to sort the issue out as best as possible. This option is only recommended if the problem does not get solved any other way or happens repeatedly.

Cancel Your Order

If all else fails and you cannot find a solution, cancel your order. Suppose your DoorDash is stuck preparing an order for an extended period, and you have not received any update. It may be time to cancel the order instead of struggling through frustration trying to figure out the problem and get it sorted. You can try to redo your order – it may work the second time.

Pick Up The Order Yourself

If there is no dasher nearby or a driver does not want to accept the delivery because your location is out of the way or your tip is too small, your order will be delayed. DoorDash can then get stuck preparing an order and cancel it within 30 minutes of no updates. You have the option of then picking up the order yourself or canceling it entirely.


Several options are available for dealing with a DoorDash status stuck on preparing the order. It is often a reason, like a restaurant being busy or no dasher available. You can always call to find out, redo the order, pick it up yourself if possible, or wait a little longer because your order may be on its way.