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DoorDash no-driver-assigned? It's a good idea to adjust the driver's tip. DoorDash drivers or dashers are freelancers. This means they are self-employed and profit from the number of deliveries they make.

DoorDash doesn't manage drivers or direct drivers to the deliveries. If you get a no-driver-assigned notification, it's likely not in the driver's interest to pick up your delivery. The distance and desirability of your delivery contribute to the driver's incentive. Amend the tip. 

As independent contractors, DoorDash drivers' earnings depend on their deliveries. They receive a base delivery fee and any additional advances and tips. If no-driver-assigned is an issue, improve the tip, cancel and reorder, or contact customer service.

DoorDash No Driver Assigned? What To Do

When there hasn't been a driver assigned to pick up your order, no drivers could be available. 

It could also mean that no driver wants the order. No driver assigned happens regularly.  

DoorDash never explicitly guarantees that their drivers will be assigned an order. Therefore, assuming a driver will pick up your order is not a good idea. 

This is an effective strategy as the drivers determine their pay by the number of deliveries they make. It's also important to realize how dependent your driver is on tips.

Here are a few actions to take if you get the no-driver-assigned notification.

Cancel And Reorder On The DoorDash App

DoorDash tracks all its orders. You'll receive a push notification on your app and a text from the driver when your order has been picked up. 

Turn your push and text notifications on both the app and your settings.

You'll know if your order hasn't been picked up within half an hour. You can cancel your order and reorder on the DoorDash website or the more convenient app. 

Cancel after a reasonable time. If not, you may be only partially reimbursed. Then, when you order again, adjust your tip. 

You should be entirely refunded if the restaurant hasn't begun preparing your food. 

Increasing your tip could be problematic for many DoorDash clients. However, it simply gives credit where it's due and compensates your driver accordingly.

Tip Your Driver/Dasher Fairly 

It's always a good idea to give due recognition for effective service. Realize that your driver has very little else in earnings. 

Drivers depend mainly on their tips, so serving those willing to pay makes more sense. Amending your driver's tip will better incentivize good service. 

Consider the dangers and risks taken as a driver, vehicle upkeep, gas, etc. Gratuity is a necessity.

In addition, there were complaints that some drivers only received a percentage of the base delivery pay, not the 100% stated on the DoorDash website. 

To adjust the tip, contact customer support and communicate your intent to increase your driver's gratuity. 

Another option is to cancel your order and reorder with a raised tip. DoorDash clients can enter the tip amount before selecting Place Order.

How Are DoorDash Drivers Paid?

The DoorDash support webpage details how the driver's income is divided by base pay, promotions, and tips. 

The following income breakdown is relevant because, as independent contractors, the monetary incentive will determine delivery.

The base pay is determined by three main criteria, time, distance, and desirability. Base pay depends on the estimated time of arrival. 

Promotions provide a chance for drivers to increase their earnings. Tips are the predominant source of a dasher's income. 

As mentioned above, there have been claims on various YouTube and Reddit sources that DoorDash doesn't have a substantial base pay. However, some claim that this has been rectified.  

Choose Restaurants That Are Closer To You

Drivers are well acquainted with the way individual diners operate. Some are incredibly efficient, and others are working out an adequate system. 

A closer outlet will signal speedier results to DoorDash drivers. This eases the journey and increases the chance of effective service. 

A driver pays for gas and general vehicle maintenance. Therefore, closer delivery will improve the chance at better success. 

Inquire With DoorDash Via The Contact Page

Customer service will assist when waiting for food, groceries, or miscellaneous deliveries. 

The beneficial aspect of contacting customer service is that you'll gain detailed insights about why your order wasn't picked up. 

The DoorDash administrative team may also provide you with credit for a future purchase.  


DoorDash drivers are independent contractors and aren't under DoorDash administration. Therefore, DoorDash doesn't direct drivers to the order. If you get a no-driver-assigned notification, measures you can take include canceling and reordering with an amended tip, electing a closer restaurant, and contacting customer service.