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Doordash's hidden tip feature allows them to hide the total tip before a driver accepts the order. Door Dash's reason behind installing this feature on their app is to prevent drivers from only picking orders with the highest tips, leaving the rest for others. Why should you gauge Doordash's hidden tips, and how do you do it?

By gauging Doordash's hidden tips, you, as the driver, will ensure every order is worth your time and effort. Although it is against Doordash's policy, many employees use an app called “Para,” which allows them to view their tip before deciding whether or not to accept an order.

Whether you're an existing Doordash driver or thinking of becoming one, don't let their hidden tips put you off just yet. Stay with us as we discuss why you should gauge Doordash's hidden tips and how to do it!

Why Should You Gauge Doordash's Hidden Tips?

Apart from Doordash hiding the tip a driver may receive from an order, they also state that any order over $6 may have a hidden tip. This encourages drivers to take the order and hope it does have a hidden tip. 

Doordash pays their drivers a base pay for their deliveries while considering the estimated delivery time, distance, and desirability of the order. 

Doordash drivers get 100% of their tips earned for each delivery, and they also have a chance to get extra money from taking part in peak-time deliveries and challenges. The two main things that could make Doordash worth it for drivers are the distance per order and the time it will take to complete the order.

For many, Doordash will not be worth it if they aren't allowed to see their tips, as customers rarely tip in cash. Tips aren't added automatically when a customer makes an order, which leads to many customers under-tipping the drivers

This is when it becomes especially important to gauge your tips to make Doordash a sustainable job worth the time and effort.

How To Gauge Your Tips On Doordash

When Doordash doesn't allow you to see your tips, you'll be happy to hear there's a way to work around this. Several Doordash employees are aware of the Para app, but so is Doordash. 

The Para app can solve your hidden tip problem, but Doordash's terms of service state that the employees could risk getting deactivated if they are caught using the app. However, note that there is no evidence of Doordash employees being deactivated for using the Para app.

To use the Para app to see your hidden tips, you need to run it on your phone in the background. This app lets you see how many tips you will receive for each order. Although you will receive 100% of the tip, you will now be able to see how much your entire tip is.

Para's tip transparency feature will show you all the information you need about your tip for each offer you receive through Doordash's app. 

However, you should remember one thing when you decide to download and use the Para app. 

You will need to provide your login information to see the amount of the tip you will receive for each order. Providing Para with your login information will give them enough access and information to change your banking information and email address. 

To some Doordash drivers, this doesn't make the Para app worth it.


Although Doordash drivers will always receive 100% of their tips, they are not always told if the tip is included in an order or what the full amount of the tip is. Luckily, with the Para app, you will be provided with the tip transparency you want and need as a driver who mainly relies on tips!