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Whether you’ve had a long day at work or don’t want to go to the shops yourself, meal delivery services can be an excellent way to save you time and effort. However, if you’re paying for a service like DoorDash, no one wants the food they receive to be cold. Luckily, if your DoorDash order is delivered cold, there is a way to rectify the situation.

If your DoorDash food gets delivered cold, you can contact customer support through the app to get a partial refund in no time. Since DoorDash wants customers to be happy and use the service again in the future, there are additional steps you can take to ensure you get a full refund on your order.

There are a few reasons why your DoorDash food can be cold when it gets delivered to you, and luckily there are measures you can use to voice your dissatisfaction. Though getting a partial refund on your order is a great start, if your DoorDash food is cold upon delivery, you likely want a full refund, and below is the best way to get it.

What To Do If Your DoorDash Food Is Cold

If your DoorDash food is cold on delivery, getting a refund may seem more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily the process isn’t too complicated, and the steps below can help you on the right track. To ensure the process is easy to understand and replicate, detailed steps are below to help you get your refund as soon as possible.

1. Find The Relevant Order

If your DoorDash food arrives cold, you must first find the relevant order in your order history. Luckily the process is similar on the app and the website. First, you must navigate to the orders tab or click the orders button. Once you can see your orders, you can select the relevant order and click on the “Help” button that will display in either the top left or right corner.

2. Select The Correct Issue 

After clicking the “Help” button, you should see a screen with an option relating to problems you may have with your order. Under the “Order Issues” section, you can select the option to report lousy food quality. 

3. Select The Cold Food Option

You should now see a screen with the food items in your order and checkboxes next to the individual items. To finalize the report, you need to select the food items that arrived cold, after which a drop-down menu should appear that allows you to choose that the food got delivered cold.

Under the drop-down option, there may also be a description box in which you can describe the exact condition of the food, and you can include any other complaints in that text box. You should also follow any additional steps the app may require you to do to ensure the process goes smoothly. Following these steps should get you a partial refund.

4. Use The Live Chat Support

If you want a full refund on your order, you may need to contact the support team for the DoorDash service. Luckily DoorDash has a full-time live support team ready to assist you with any problems, including issues with your food quality, such as cold DoorDash food.

On the app: After navigating to the home screen of the DoorDash app, you should see a question mark button in the top right area of the screen above the map. By selecting this icon, you should see options for help, and you need to choose the option that allows you to contact support. Once you are in touch with live support, you can explain the issue and should get a full refund.

On the website: On the DoorDash website, you can navigate to the bottom and select the help option. You can choose the relevant support type and click on the “Chat with Us” option. There should now be a support chat box at the end of the page where you can fill in your details and connect to a support agent who can help you get a full refund.


Though you may not enjoy reporting lousy food quality, your food should not arrive cold if you are paying for a delivery service. Next time your DoorDash order arrives cold, the steps above will help you get a partial or full refund. However, it is essential to be patient and kind to support staff to ensure the process goes smoothly.