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Lyft is a top-rated ride sharing app, like Uber or Ola Cabs, and Gett. Although sold as being straightforward, the payment structure is not always evidently clear. There are various services and types of vehicles available, and there are also different variables that come into play; but does Lyft charge one more for traveling to and from the airport?

Lyft charges additional fees for the dropping off at an airport and the collection of passengers from there. However, the rates are not clear cut, and certain variables come into play, one of the primary ones being your location or city in which you wish to be picked up by the driver.

Everything has a cost, and the airport drop-off and collection are no different in this sense. There are also your standard fees, such as the base fare and potential tipping, that are involved, among others. So let us examine the ins and outs of what we can expect regarding Lyft and their transporting of customers to and from the airport – stay tuned as there are some must-knows.

Airport Pickups With Lyft And Fees Incurred

Lyft has partnered with various airports, and in doing so, they have helped alleviate the stress and hassle of trying to get to and from the airport. The only snag, though, is that they charge a flat rate added to all the other costs involved. This fee relates to both the drop-off and pickup process, and unfortunately, the amount will be dependent on which city you find yourself in.

If you wish to get an estimation of your fee, you can find the page here, or if you have the app, then Lyft will show you an estimate of the fare before you request a ride; thus, you can know ahead of time what expenses you may incur. Simply enter your pickup and drop-off point before ordering the Lyft to find out this information. 

It must be noted that the estimate is just that, and other factors may cause the fare to increase, so be sure to bear this in mind before you hail the ride.

Getting Picked Up From The Airport

Once you have landed, collected your luggage, and are ready to be on your way, you can open the app and request your ride. You will then need to verify that your pin drop is near the terminal you are at or follow the instructions to head to the appropriate spot. This second point is essential, as, at specific airports, you will only receive a ride if you wait at a designated area.

This is because, at specific airports, there are designated areas where drivers are permitted to collect passengers from. If this is not the case, and you also intend to move away from the space where you gave your pin drop, then be sure to call your driver and let them know precisely where you would like to be collected from.

Using Fast Match At Airports

At specific airports, the Lyft app will prompt you to ‘get a code', allowing for more convenient and efficient pickups. This component of the app is more likely to be present at larger airports and is designed to help aid against congestion. 

You will need to make your way to the designated pickup location and provide a waiting driver with the code to utilize this feature. This will then allow you to begin to ride. The only issue with Fast Match is that it may not be available with all types of rides, but a standard Lyft ride is included. 

Additionally, Fast Match is not available at all airports, so be sure to check whether this feature is available once you land so that you do not get disappointed by it not being incorporated at the specific airport at which you find yourself.

Getting To The Airport With Lyft

So, all is packed, and you are ready to head to the airport; all you then need to do is power up the Lyft app and request a ride to the airport from which you will be departing. Be sure to verify your pickup location so that your driver does not head to the wrong place or get lost – which could waste valuable time for you. 

If it is a family getaway and you require up to 6 seats and additional luggage, then it may well be worth ordering a Lyft XL to accommodate the additional members. Do note that the price will be more than that of a standard Lyft ride. 

Once you have placed the lift order, you will be presented the name, information on the vehicle, a photo, and the rating of the driver who accepts. You will also be informed of the driver's estimated time of arrival. If you need to change your pickup location slightly or if your address is often difficult to find, you can always give your driver a call to instruct them.

What Airports Have Lyft Services?

There are many airports at which Lyft's services are available, and to find a comprehensive list of all the included airports, head to the list of airports they service here

What Airports Don’t Have Lyft Services?

There are, unfortunately, some airports where the service is not offered, and this goes for both pickups and drop-offs. This may be for various reasons and likely comes from Lyft not having an agreement with the airports in question. 

Below you will discover a list of airports that are not serviced, and unfortunately, there may be others that are not listed below, so be sure to check the list of airports they do service; find this under the subheading: Airports Which Lyft Does Service.

Airports that are not serviced by Lyft (as listed on their website):

  • Buchanan Field Airport (CCR)
  • Santa Monica Muni Airport (SMO)
  • Camarillo Airport (KCMA
  • French Valley Airport (RBK)
  • Jacqueline Cochran Rgn Airport (TRM)
  • Mojave Airport (MHV)
  • Napa County Airport (APC)
  • Oceanside Airport (OCN)
  • Ramona Airport (KRNM)
  • Sacramento Executive (SAC)
  • Sacramento Mather Airport (MHR)
  • San Bernardino Int'l (SBD)
  • Santa Maria Airport (SMX)
  • Southern California Logistics Airport (VCV)
  • Stockton Metropolitan (SCK)
  • Ventura County Airport (OXR)

Canceling Your Lyft Ride

If you have ordered your Lyft but then realize that you are not going to be ready by the estimated pickup time, then you may cancel the ride via the app; you will find the icon on the home screen at the top right. However, there is a vital point to be aware of: you need to cancel within 5 minutes of ordering the ride, or you will incur a fee.

If you opted to go with the shared-ride option, you might be charged for canceling regardless of the time frame in which you cancel. The fees involved are also city-specific, and in some places (likely due to it being a larger city with greater demand), you will receive a higher cancellation fee. 


As you can see, there is no definitive answer as to what the additional fee will be, as this differs from city to city; however, one thing I can confirm is that yes, Lyft does charge extra for airport drop-offs and pickups. I trust you found this post interesting and insightful and are now more aware of what to expect regarding Lyft and its fees.