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Turo is a highly rated and popular peer-to-peer car sharing service that aims to empower private car users. Are you new to a city or area and you need to use a car rental service? Skip the long queues and avoid the hassle by making use of Turo! What is the average trip on Turo?

The average trip on Turo is 200 miles; after the distance is exceeded, Turo will raise the price. A trip fee with Turo could be expensive due to the cost per extra mile, deposit, delivery, booking duration, which vehicle, and when you book it. Extras fees may also increase the average trip price.

If you're wondering what you can expect to pay for the average trip on Turo, we are here to break it down for you! Once we've discussed what you can expect to pay for your trip, we will examine the variables influencing the numbers. Stay tuned!

How Turo Calculates Each Trip

Your trip fee on Turo is only a percentage of the total price, and there will be a fee charged for all bookings through Turo, with the amount varying depending on many factors.

Turo can select additional distance fees, which lets some hosts charge unreasonable fees if an extra distance is driven due to unsuspecting gusts.

This often lead to bad experiences and customers never returning from their services. In order to level their playing field more and standardize the additional distance calculations, Turo has decided that the additional distance rates will only be calculated when the trip is already booked.

They will divide the daily fees by your daily distance included. With the average trip on Turo being 200 miles per day, you can expect to pay a daily price of $100.

If you go over the 200 miles per day rule, you will be liable to pay $0.50 extra per additional mile driven. This revised calculation makes the price clearer to potential renters and more consistent and transparent.

This calculation is also easily understandable by guests and hosts, and it becomes up to each host to flex their additional distance price down or up by simply adjusting their daily prices.

What Variables Will Influence The Average Trip On Turo?

Of course, you must be prepared for whatever Turo throws your way. Considering the following aspects, you will better understand why Turo's trip fees may seem high for some bookings. Overall, seven variables will influence the cost of each trip. Let's take a closer look at them all:

Your Security Deposit Will Influence Your Trip

Although not all vehicles will require a security deposit, your deposit will be the cost to book a trip in a high-value vehicle.

Additionally, where you want to travel may also require a security deposit, such as guests traveling from the UK to the EU and some guests who want to travel around in the US and UK.

The Delivery Fee Will Influence Your Trip On Turo

The delivery fee will be based on the amount the specific hosts charges to drop off or pick up the rented vehicle. This single fee covers the delivery at the start of pickup and the drop-off at the end of each trip.

The Duration Of Each Booking Will Influence Your Turo Trip

Your Turo fee will be significantly affected by the duration of your trip.

Many first-time or long-term customers are under the impression that a shorter trip will cost them less, but this is not the case. There is a golden rule when you book through Turo.

The shorter your booking on Turo becomes, the higher the fee of your trip will be!

If you're trying to book a vehicle only for a few days and end up wondering why the calculated trip fee is sky high, this would most likely be the reason behind it.

What Vehicle You Book Will Influence Your Trip Fee On Turo

Turo has an extensive selection of different vehicles and car brands their customers can choose from.

If you visit Turo's official website to make a booking, you have the option to search for your perfect rental car by brand.

Although this sounds incredibly convenient, you should be aware that your choice of vehicle will impact the trip fee you will be charged. Usually, the higher the rental car's value, the higher your trip fee.

If you notice that your quoted trip fee seems too expensive, it could probably be due to the car you have selected to rent, which is probably of high value.

Your Booking Times Will Influence Your Trip Fee On Turo

The timing of your booking will greatly influence your Turo fee. The lead time refers to how far in advance you have made your reservation of Turo.

Generally, bookings made well in advance will have much lower trip fees on Turo. This means you may be charged a much higher trip fee if you're planning an emergency or last-minute trip on Turo.

If you're planning a trip a day in advance, you may be surprised by how high your quotation on the trip becomes. You can get a much lower trip fee by booking further in advance!

Any Extras Will Influence Your Trip Fee On Turo

Some hosts offer extra physical items such as unlimited mileage and prepaid refueling; others may offer you some travel equipment such as tents and bicycles. Each host will set their own price for extras.

A Young Driver Fee Will Influence Your Trip Fee On Turo

Turo charges a Young Driver fee to guests between the ages of 18 to 25 in the US and guests between the ages of 18 and 24 in the UK. Your age will influence your overall fee, as you may need to pay extra for an insurance plan to be liable for any damages.


When it comes to the average trip on Turo, you will rarely be charged with a set amount. Many variables and factors could influence your total fee, and it needs to be considered. However, knowing each, you may save on costs and get the most out of each trip!